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We found some real challenges in our collaborative project with this topic. We not only learned that hunger is difficult to define, but that there are many different attitudes and notions of when hunger is a crisis issue.

We found that this was a very ambitious project. Our natural tendency was to do research on the topic from other websites and look at things that were already published, rather than examining our personal community and come up with original, first hand information.

It was also hard to illustrate with original pictures because hungry people often try to hide their hunger. Because they are ashamed, it is hard to get permission to take their picture once you find them.

After they have had a chance to read the published reports from each of the countries, our students will report what observations they can take away from this project. We also hope to report on the implementation of our solutions.

This is website is just a snapshot
of our life-long-learning journey.

This is my first project for GVC and it has been quite an experience. I have done other projects, but this is quite different. Communicating with people from other countries and having to agree to unify on a project is something else. Quite an eye opener…….. “Victoria from Nigeria”

The topic hunger is quite a touching topic for me. I am from a family that experiences hunger and have never had a good meal in some years now. Though it hurts to know that there is a place where school children can be able to have at least a good free meal in a day, while in my country it is but just a dream. But the project has given me a resolve to go on fighting……… “Obiora from Nigeria”

This is my second project with GVC and it is quite entertaining. But like the last time, we have always been challenged by not having enough access to computers and internet. But the project was better now because most of our research on hunger was done one on one and through oral research. This project was a nice experience…….. “Umuhani from Nigeria”

The project affected our schedule a lot. By November first term exams are in progress, by December we have the Xmas breaks. Coming to school in January, we start preparing for our pre-finals examinations, in February we were having our Mock examinations, in March our second term examinations commenced. Amidst all these, we have closure because of problems in my country. But what gave us the zeal to go on is how connected to the hunger topic we all were. It was a really emotional topic……… “Bob-Manuel from Nigeria”

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Kubwa Abuja,

The Government Secondary School of Kubwa is a partly subsided government run school and open to the public. Our school is situated in a semi-rural community name Kubwa.

We are located 52 kilometers from the country's capital city Abuja.

We have a population of about 80,000 people. The indigene of the community are rural farmers and live mostly by their farm produce which is mainly yams. There is no industry situated here. Other inhabitants are cattle nomads and civil servants who work in the city metropolis also reside there.

The road network is quite good since the road cuts across the Abuja city and there is every type of mobility imagined available here.

The rate of unemployment is very high here.

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by Bob M. from Nigeria

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Stone Middle School is a public school at south border of Melbourne, FL in Brevard County.

Geographically, Brevard County is about halfway down the eastern coast of Florida, an hour's car drive east of Orlando and Disney World.

We are most famous as the Space Coast, because manned spaceflight in the United States began here at Cape Kennedy.

Our school and students are at the south end of the county, in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area. We are a 7th and 8th grade Middle School with about 780 students registered at our school. The club that is doing this project is an after school project for about 15 students.

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by Girls Get IT from Florida

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Valencia, Spain

American School of Valencia, ASV, is located on Puzol, Valencia, Spain, which means it is 303 km from Madrid; Spain's capital city.

ASV is composed of various nationals; Spanish, American, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian, Polish, Philippine, etc. Since the students are from all around the world, the students learn how to join together to harmonize.

It is an International Baccalaureate School, with students from Kindergarten to grade 12.

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by Ji Yea S. from Spain

Global Virtual Classroom Logo

This project follows the Challenge Based Learning framework. Our goal was to develop a personalized understanding of the topic of Hunger in our communities.

The website is a collaborative effort to detail our essential questions, essential activities, findings, reflections, and solutions.

Secondary classrooms in Nigeria, Spain and the US were paired by the Global Virtual Classroom Foundation.

Students built and wrote the content of this website based on their research and personal experience. We used Twiducate – a educational website that is works a lot like Twitter. We then moved to collaborate on Edmodo, which is an educational community website similar to Facebook.

Most of the planning and discussion took place in Edmodo's threaded discussions. We posted documents, pictures and then tagged input from all the members of our classes in Edmodo. Then students moved the Edmodo content onto this website.

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