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Our Country and the Issue of Hunger
Nigeria is 51 years old (since her independence) and is located in the western part of Africa.

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa with a population of approximately 160 million people. Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa because of her population and expansive land. The country has excellent weather for agriculture and tourism. Nigeria attracts worldwide attention in all she has and does because of her greatness. But ironically amidst all the greatness of the country, approximately 80% of her people are very hungry.

The Nigerian flag is made up of 2 colours:
White– stands for peace that the country aims to keep amidst the many different cultures, tribes and religions
Green– stands for agriculture to portray the country’s agricultural prowess and how through agriculture, she has fed and exported her produce all over the world.

But today…
Why is it that a country that has fed people all over the whole world cannot feed herself? What went wrong, where did she detour, what is the cause and how can we help out?
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Description of Our School
Our school is a partly subsided Government school and open to the public. Our school is situated in a semi-rural community named Kubwa, about 52 kilometers from the country's capital city Abuja. We have a population of about 80,000 people. The indigene of the community are rural farmers and live mostly by their farm produce which is mainly yams. there is no industry situated here. Other inhabitants cattle nomads and civil servants who work in the city metropolis who reside there. the road network is quite good since the road cuts across the Abuja city and there is every type of mobility imagine available here. The rate of unemployment is very high here.
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Content on this page contributed by Nigerian Students:
Victoria A.
Umuhani M.
Bob H.
Obiora E.