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What Types of Hunger Are We Dealing With?
There are different types of hunger including:
  • Physical hunger: This is the type of hunger associated with when your body needs food or fuel to function.
  • Emotional hunger: This is the type of feeling you get when your brain (emotion) is making you want something so much that the control is limited.
  • Sensory hunger: This type of hunger is associated with needs expected when external sights, sounds, smells, or tastes are controlling the direction

We will be focusing on Physical Hunger for this Project
Worldwide, the average poverty level is such that 2.8 billion people earn less than $2/day; but in my country Nigeria 70% of families of six people live on less than $3/day.

Even at that these people still consider themselves to be fortunate because at least they can have a meal a day. Many people go without real food for days.
What Does Hunger Mean in our Culture?
The word hunger can be define in various ways, especially depending on the situation in which it is to be used. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary hunger is define as “a craving or urgent need for food or a specific nutrient or an uneasy sensation occasioned by the lack of food or a weakened condition brought about by prolonged lack of food”. Hunger can also be describe as a want for other things apart from food.

In my country today, hunger means different things to different people. Those in the rural area view hunger a little different from those living in the urban area and quite differently from what the world termed as hunger.
Those living in the rural area will view hunger as being likened to famine. Since most of them are farmers, they believe that when they cannot grow crops or a natural disaster affects their farm, they are now in a state of hunger. Even though they haven't have eaten any food for 2 days, if the farm has crops that means there is no hunger.
But those in the urban setting equate hunger as against their financial income and the ability to be able to use money to provide for food. So since most of the families earn $3 per day for a family of six , then there are many that hunger.

How Many in Our Community are Hungry?
Out of the hungry, 60% are children, 30% are women and 10% men. The most painful part of the whole scenario is that a very large portion of the country is in the rural area that is very good for agriculture. But the people are hungry, why?
What are Key Indicators of Hunger?
  • CRIME – People who are desperate justify theft, murder and other things to get food or money for food.
  • SICKNESS – This is because people who don’t get enough calories each day are more susceptible to disease.
  • UNPRODUCTIVITY – Undernourished people are unable to lead productive lives.
  • CHRONIC MALNOURISHMENT – Due to extreme poverty.
  • UNREST BECAUSE OF FIGHT FOR AVAILABLE FOOD – the strong ones always rule and get what food they want from the weak. Even when aid is provided, the food of the weak, elderly, mothers and children are often taken from them by the men and strong ones.
When Does Hunger Become an Issue?
Nigeria of before and Nigeria of now has been highly decimated by the effects of hunger on her children. The giant has now become the dwarf all because of HUNGER. Where do we go from here?
What Causes Hunger?
  • Conflict and war
  • Inequitable distribution of food
  • Lack of access to education
  • Lack of access to basic resources
  • Trade policies
  • Ethnic and religious discrimination
  • Cultural beliefs
  • Politics (Corruption)
  • Immigration (From the rural to urban cities)
  • Oil greed (White collar jobs)
  • Oil excavation towards agricultural disasters
  • Natural Disasters
  • Lack of good education
What Our Government is Doing to Solve or Complicate This Problem
The government has been doing a lot towards trying to eradicate hunger in the country by providing fertilizer at highly subsidized rate for farmers. They have given soft loans to farmers for agriculture.

Some regions have subsidized their educational fees for their indigenes while others are giving free education up to a certain level. Antenatal care in some region is free and child medical bills are also subsidized.

Quota employment method is also used to ensure that governmental appointments or jobs are evenly distributed. But irrespective of these, there are a lot of corrupt politicians in the government who aim to make away with funds meant to assist the masses, while others either divert or reduce the funds from the purpose it was slated for. Governmental corruption has been a strong factor affecting the progress of the government towards eradicating hunger in Nigeria.
Who Are Other Groups Involved?
A lot of NGO and philanthropic organizations have been doing so much towards eradicating hunger in Nigeria, for example is the Bill Gates foundation by providing highly subsidized malaria drugs and free vaccinations. But amidst all this, it still looks as if nothing is being done. This is because of the population of the country.

What Values Do Each Group Hold Important - Why Do They Care?
The Non-Governmental organizations and philanthropic organization do these because eradicating hunger is one of their objectives and goals. And some of them do this to give back to society what they have gotten from her.

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