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Solutions for Our Problem of Hunger:
How Other Nations Can Help Nigeria Eradicate Hunger
  • Cancel Debt of under-developed or less privileged countries:
  • By canceling the debt of my country, it will help the economic stability of the country.

    Peace Negotiations:
  • When there is war and conflict, there is always room for hunger and starvation. In my country today there is serious terrorist, cultural and ethnic violence. With the intervention of other countries to bring peace where there is none. Farmers can work and people will concentrate on providing food on the table.

  • Lack of education on the part of a lot of people has led to hunger. When people are educated on how to apply farm equipments and machines and also how to be able to use machinery in factories to to produce products, then they will be self-reliant. So if skill services can be provided by other privileged countries, it will help my country.

  • It is not that Nigeria's land cannot provide enough food for her children, but Nigeria's people cannot provide enough. And this is largely due to the inability to use technological equipments to make production quicker and easier. If nations with these technological implements can assist Nigerian farmers, it will help to alleviate hunger in Nigeria.
Things that We the Students Can Do
  • Organize a group in which those who have an extra food will donate to those who have none
  • Open a store where left-over food can be dropped by those who don’t want, so that everyday the group distributes to the less privileged
  • Organize a financial drive where ten naira ($0.06) will be asked for by all. Note: hundred naira provides a meal for a child in Nigeria.
  • Go on an information drive and inform the government and everyone about the need to do something. How hungry people are, how angry these people are and how hunger can bring down a nation.
  • Go to the media, use the ICT; make your voices heard and tell people how important it is to save one person from hunger.
  • Involve everyone you meet, involve the outside world through any possible media and projects like GVC, Facebook, Edmodo etc. Join groups and make your cry heard and don’t loose hope because someone, somewhere, someplace will come across your cry for help and answer. Remember, one person saved can still turn around to lead others away from hunger.
Wise Words
TO ERADICATE HUNGER, I believe in this poet sayings:

If you are thinking 1 year ahead, sow seed.
If you are thinking 10 years ahead, plant a tree.
If you are thinking 100 years ahead, educate the people.
By sowing seed once, you will harvest once.
By planting a tree, you will harvest tenfold.
By educating the people, you will harvest one hundredfold.

500 BC, an anonymous Chinese poet

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