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Craig Allen, Social Media Manager

Developer and Owner of Socially Acceptable (http://sociallyacceptable.biz)
Interview on Thursday, February 2, 2012
St. Paul Lutheran School, Farmington, MO, USA




Mrs. J: This is Mr. Craig Allen and in the past year he has developed his business and now I'll let him tell you more about it.

Nick: What made you want to do what you do now?

Craig: What I do is companies come to me when they want to post stuff on Twitter, Facebook, or blog,  or build websites, or different things. Then we take care of it for them and take it off their hands. So, instead of someone that already has a job and doesn't have time to get on Facebook or something. We come in and do all the marketing for them through those platforms and monitor it. If we get any comments that are negative, we take it off or keep it on there so we can correct what people don't like. What made me want to do this was because I had a lot of people asking me questions about how Twitter updates my Facebook page, and questions like that. And that's when I realized that even though people have Facebook and Twitter, they don't understand everything that it's capable of doing. It drove me nuts seeing business's that hadn't updated their profiles since last year! So what I did was make a business that would take care of it for them because they didn't have enough time.


Nick: When did you start this business?

Craig: One night I was on Skype with my friend from college who works for a company called Square, which is the credit card swiping company developed the little square that goes in there, and he developed all the java script for the app that you see on the iPhone. But what you may not know is that the president/ founder of Square is the guy that created Twitter. So, one night we were all three talking on Skype. My friend who woks for Square helps me with some web stuff and I help him with some social media. We were talking about different things such as how my business was starting to progress, and how we're starting to do some different things with my business. I was getting really frustrated because I was talking to these guys and they're both looking down and typing. I thought they weren't even paying attention to me because I'm “small Craig in Farmington, MO” and they're out in San Francisco, CA; they don't really care. After we talked for a little while they told me that social media managers are going to be a big need. So whenever we hung up the call on Skype it showed me all the notes the wrote. They both had four pages of notes a piece. They were shooting ideas at me of what I should do and what I could do and I started running with that to create my business. I started this around last January after I talked to these guys.


Nick: Do you think that it's better to talk to a person over the phone or Facebook rather than face-to-face?

Craig: Personally I prefer Facebook, Twitter, or email. I think that you'll get more of an honest answer from Facebook, Twitter, and email. I think that when you're talking face-to-face or on the phone people just tell you what you want to hear, but when they don't have to look you in the eyes they'll tell you what they think.


Morgan: What is your favorite website to use?

Craig: I have two that I really like. Twitter and Tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging service but it's also set up a lot like Twitter. You have a wall and if you see a blog you like instead of re-tweeting it, you re-blog it. I like Twitter because personally I don't like reading long Facebook posts. I like 140 characters. Google+ and Pintrest  are also very good.


Morgan: What kind of people does your business help?

Craig: All kinds. We have three large businesses that we help. But the larger businesses are harder to update because they're not really active. The big businesses are already developed so they're just advertising. The fun ones are the growing companies.


Morgan: How many people work at your business?

Craig: Just me. I have a lot of digital tools that help me. Wonderkit is the thing that really helps my business because it's a project management system.


Nick: Is there anything that you want to change on any of the social media sites that you use?

Craig: No, but the one site I really like is Google Circles because you get to choose who sees your posts so that the people who aren’t interested in whatever you're talking about don't have to see that post and only the people that would care see the post. I just think that's a neat social media site.


Morgan: Why do you think it's important to track social media?

Craig: Well, what we do is we post something about a current event that's happening, and we're careful about how we word it. We measure our responses and feedback because we need to know thoughts or comments about what's taking place. We'd like to see the reactions we get. That's why we measure because we want to know what people want to see and read about.

Nick: Why would people want to use your business?

Craig: I think our business is needed in order to save people time. It helps take care of a job that needs to be done. We do all of it for them, plus it's cheaper. We measure everything and take pride in what we do. I have everything scheduled for a certain time. Another thing is, people just don't know how to do it correctly. It's important for a business to be professional in what they say and they need to let people know that they're active in keeping updated. So this is why I think we're becoming a good business.


Taylor: How do you keep all your posts with the different companies organized and how do you know when to post them?

Craig: I use this platform where all of the businesses are all lined up and you can see their Twitter, Facebook, and all their pages that we take care of. Now let's say it's Christmas and the businesses want to send out something that says “We want to wish all of our customers and families a Merry Christmas.” I don't want to work on Christmas morning, so what I can do is click on all the businesses that will want to send out a similar message. Then I'll type the message and click on schedule and pick the time I want to send it out and then it's scheduled to go out at that time.


Morgan: Do you do all this from your home?

Craig: I do a lot of my work at home, but I can actually work from anywhere as long as I can connect to the Internet. I use my iPhone, iPad, and my laptop. And I want to say that technology is going to change so much by the time you're in college so if you don't know how to use it now, you need to learn!




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