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Facemask is a collaborative team of 11 extremely talented and dedicated students carefully selected from throughout the world. We are represented in the United Kingdom by Daniel, Amir, Mushed and Omario, in the United States by Emily, Timothy, Daniel and Savannah, and in Australia by Casey, Louise and Riley.
As a group, we thought we would research the benefits and disadvantages of the social networking site Facebook. The title, ‘facemask’, and slogan, ‘the predator behind the picture’, of our webpage emphasises the disturbing fact that people can pretend to be someone else very easily.
During our research, the Facebook team discovered facts about this social networking site that even we as Facebook users didn’t know before. We designed our webpage to resemble the Facebook site to show you how easy it is to appear as one thing when it’s something else.
There’s no doubt that Facebook is a great way to keep in contact with family and friends, but it does have hidden dangers that every user should be wary of.


Our research data came from many sources, including our own knowledge of Facebook. Other sources included:






Web, Text: Riley, Casey, Louiseaus