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The Trade school Slavonski Brod is authorized to offer training in eight different fields:

- Textile (tailor)
- Construction ( bricklayer)
- Personal services (pedicurist, hairdresser)
- Other services (upholster, painter)
- Nourishment (baker, butcher)
- Catering and tourism (cook, waiter, pastry cook)
- Education of children with learning disabilities ( upholster, tailor)


Our school contains ten general purpose classrooms (10x54m2) in which classes are held every day, the school has on its disposal special practicum classrooms such as: tailor practicum, pedicure practicum, upholstery practicum, hairdresser practicum, catering practicum. In addition our foreign language department includes English, German, and French.


Other facilities in our school include a gym, a library and a computer lab.

Student newspaper (Arms) is run by our students, it covers local and primarily school news, i.e. themes and topics that are important to trade school students.

Our school library was founded in 1999. It has more than 6622 publications, periodicals, videotapes and other types of video material at its disposal. Apart from having access to a wide variety of books, which allows them to develop their individual skills with assistance from our school librarian, they are able to search the internet data bases and enjoy various forms of entertainment such as social games.

Contact number: 035/447 – 326

(Translation: professor Jelena Martinovic)