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Posted on 11 sep 2018 by Students from America

29 students from Littleton High School in Littleton, Colorado represented the American students on our GVC 11-14 Team. Our students used Adobe DreamWeaver, Adobe Flash and lots of internet-based research to contribute to the development of web pages and the overall site design. Here are some students' thoughts on the project:

  • Issac - I liked that we were able to cooperate with the other countries and make our website better because of it.  The people from the other countries were very nice and helpful in making the web site. An example of this is happening as I type this. They are setting up the navigation for the whole web site. One of the things that worked well was the actual studies of the subtopics. I believe that each and every one of us learned about festivals that we otherwise wouldn’t ever know about. Understanding other people’s festivals and celebrations is a big step towards global understanding. The most challenging and the most fun part of this assignment was the animation. Having to do the different layers on top of the symbols was a great and challenging way to learn how to do successful animation. One thing that the judges of the contest should know about is the fact that our school integrates cooperation all throughout the curriculum. There are no cliques or exclusive groups at this school, it is a model of what the world should and could be.


  • Alan - What I found most frustrating about this whole process was finding images that were open sourced to put on the internet to avoid copyright infringement. Whenever I used to make a page for someone, they always provided all of the images and information for us to put on the page. We just put it all together in the way that they wanted. Having to find all the images and information made the process go much slower. Using Flash was quite interesting though, it was my first time really trying to animate any images, and for a first time experience I thought it worked out pretty well. Our class has a lot of diversity in it, and all sorts of different festivals, and I strongly believe that we did a very adequate job of creating our portion of the website.


  • Alyssa - I think something interesting about our class is how diverse we all are when it comes to personalities, different working methods and knowledge with computers, but somehow we all came together and created amazing additions to what the Canadians and Lithuanians had already created. Something the judges should understand, with us being high school students that we all have different lives and hobbies throughout the school and community, and we still came together and helped create additions to the website. I know I have marching band and symphonic winds, along with working at Element One Photography, as well as theatre kids in this class. We participated in this assignment and I’m proud of us for that.


  • Ashleigh - Some things I enjoyed about this project are how we all worked together. It was a joint group effort. That was something that really helped many people as well. I also enjoyed how we got to work with people from all over the world and share ideas through Twiducate. Some things that I hope the GVC judges take into account about LHS and our community as a whole is that we are average teenagers without much knowledge of computers and programs. Some of us didn’t even have any experience of these programs before this class, or even had a computers class before this. But, we tried our hardest and we hope you enjoyed our project. We all worked very diligently and stayed focused the whole time, and worked with what little experience we had and became better with technology, computers, social skills, and time management throughout this project which we will take these skills with us throughout our life.


  • Elly - The most frustrating part of this whole experience is how organized you have to be with your project. With the smallest mistake you can get confused and lost.


  • Jackie - . I think it is important that we tell the GVC judges and community that we really enjoyed working with our project and that it was fun for all of us to collaborate internationally. My GVC experience was pretty cool. I really like the idea of having students from several different countries collaborating together to build a website. I liked the opportunity to communicate with international students. What was frustrating for me was Twiducate, which we used to communicate. It was very difficult to see when everything was posted and understand our progress.


  • Jordan - I am looking forward to seeing the full website done in its entirety. I’m sure everybody did a great job.


  • Madeline - I really enjoyed working on the GVC project. I had never worked with web design before, and thought that this was a good introduction to how to build a webpage. By working on this project, I know now the basics of web design: the best organization of a page, how to work with graphics, what should be taken into consideration when making a web page (pictures, organization, content of the page, etc.). I really loved that the project revolved around festivals, especially when I was given the opportunity to work with classmates to make up a festival that would help others. It was fun to think of what a festival to help education would look like, and how it would benefit the community. I also found it frustrating that we did not have control over all the things on our web page. Sometimes I found myself wishing I could change the background color or layout to better suit my taste and my web page. However, I liked that we were able to give feedback to our partners in this project so they can improve the web pages.


  • Morgan - This was a very informative, well designed project and it was assigned to an equally worthy class. I am proud to know as much as I do about the programs I have worked with. GVC is a generous project supplying students from around the world with a chance to learn more, not only about teamwork, but about other cultures, and other lifestyles around the world. By taking this class, I have learned just how important it is to collaborate with other team members, and how best to communicate with others best. For example when we first joined twiducate and didn’t criticize other member’s work at all, weather we agreed or not.


  • Nigel - I think one thing the judges and community need to know are that we are amateurs when it comes to projects like these. Most everyone in this class didn’t have any experience in these fields, and we didn’t actually have a whole lot of time to get acquainted with the software. For the most part, my GVC experience was fun.


  • Travis - I feel that as a class we worked on this website really hard for the GVC competition and I think it will be something our class can be very proud of seeing as we learnt all the skills as we started the project.  This project let the US, Canada, and Lithuania combine all into one website and I think it will show each nations own flavor. Overall I had a lot of fun on this project and I can’t wait to see how we did in the GVC competition.

  • Zach - I think that the judges should know that all of us worked our hardest and that we think the website looks amazing as of the moment. I think that the joint effort of the 3 school is very well done and that we have a good chance. In this project I liked learning how to make animation and a website.


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This was a collaborative project involving over 70 high school students from the United States, Lithuania, and Canada. Each school brought its own strengths and perspectives to this great project, and left it with a greater appreciation for each others' cultures and abilities.