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Posted on March 29th by Canada, images taken by students from Lithuania, Canada, USA

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Welcome to GVC114, a collaborative project between 3 schools that span the globe. This large group of close to 100 students in total has worked diligently on a truly multi-cultural and collaborative project that involved sharing the strangest festivals of our respective countries, working through international communication and collaboration, and learning new technologies. All of this hard work has come together in a fantastic site that explores some of the strangest festivals you could ever imagine, as well as international effort and sharing of ideas and work.

Navigation to each individual festival that we have explored can be achieved from the flash home page. Alternatively you can go to a country page (Canada, Lithuania, and United States) from the top navigation, and then find each festival for that country listed in the side navigation, or through the rotating top header images. If you just want to explore our site randomly, there are six random festivals selected at the bottom of each page in our 'festival grab bag' section, highlighting a surprise festival oddity only a click away. Citations for each festival page can be found on the last page of that festival, listing creative common attributions, student photographers, web sources for information, and students who worked on each page.

Our strangest festival overall was voted to be the 'headless chicken festival', based in the United States, to celebrate Mike the headless chicken. We used this festival to practice our animation skills, and the results were used to create a common thread through each of our pages in the 'chicken business' section located at on the right side of each page, purely for the fun of it.

Part of the Virtual Classroom contest criteria is to have a helping focus that "encourages students to focus on a helpful objective through student learning, researching intercultural relations, and/or demonstrating ways of giving back". We jointly came up with a proposed festival that could be created and which would make the world a better place, and this is our final category, accessible from the top navigation of each page.

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This was a collaborative project involving over 70 high school students from the United States, Lithuania, and Canada. Each school brought its own strengths and perspectives to this great project, and left it with a greater appreciation for each others' cultures and abilities.