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This festival is focused on making a kid-friendly environment that all age groups can enjoy while raising awareness to help further education for children, teenagers and adults. Music, food and activities are stationed around the festival for the participants’ enjoyment. As well as giving them an opportunity to learn. This festival is not real, but has instead been created by us, the students of GVC1114, as our idea of a festival that should exist in order to make the world a better place.

Content generated by students in America, Lithuania and Canada


Fun Educational Activities:
The festival makes learning fun for all ages. Children can participate in bizarre science experiments, dig around the dirt for "dinosaur fossils" and go on scavenger hunts all while learning about each subject.

Music Concerts, Stations, and Activities:
Not only does music create a great atmosphere, but the music around the festival will help raise awareness of the importance of music in schools. Great bands will be performing continuously throughout the day and we guarantee they will please everyone at the festival. In addition, there will be music stations set up around the festival where children can explore different types of instruments, as well as fun activities focusing on music. This festival will raise awareness about the importance of music in every child’s life.

The festival will make sure that there is great food sold for low prices. All the food venders will be kid-friendly; however, all the food will also be healthy and be made from the most excellent ingredients. We have great organic food venders making eating healthy fun. All sandwiches, as well as fruits and vegetables, are made into fun shapes. At this festival, it is okay to play with your food! The festival wants to improve the environment in all schools so there will be information about the troubles school cafeterias face through out Canada and The United States. By serving healthy food, the festival is able to demonstrate that cafeterias can make healthy food accessible to the youth. In addition, our food venders are donating their time and efforts so that the proceeds will go to helping out education.

Learning Stations:
The main goal of the festival is to raise awareness about improving the education of children and teenagers. Learning stations are placed around the festival for parents to learn about how they can do more than just donate their money. Parents and guardians can learn how to help education with stations discussing how to become a tutor or school volunteer, where to donate money, school supplies and your time to schools in need and other ways to make a difference.

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This was a collaborative project involving over 70 high school students from the United States, Lithuania, and Canada. Each school brought its own strengths and perspectives to this great project, and left it with a greater appreciation for each others' cultures and abilities.