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Posted on March 25th by Students From Canada


Athens District High School is located in rural Ontario, Canada. Our semestered school spans this competition, so some students worked on the project in first semester, collaborating with topic selection, layout, and animation, while others joined in second semester to work with web design and layout. We have found this to be a great experience.

"This project was a fun experience because I had the chance to learn new things about Lithuania, The United States, and their different cultures." -Elizabeth

 "It was nice to learn that Lithuania is a very helpful country and likes to help out others."

"i really liked working with other people in the world"
- Amy

"it was interesting learning about the USA and Lithuanian people and their festivals"
- Amy

" It is good to be working with international partners because then we can experience different cultures, and get a taste of what it is like in other parts of the world. "

“I was amazed by all the superstitions that the Lithuanians have"
– Samantha

“I have learned a lot about all the different festivals that different countries host”
– Samantha

"Building this website  had a positive effect on me. I really enjoyed learning the ins and outs of creating a website. I also learned how to use different websites and computer programs."

"It was also different working with students from another country because it wasn't as easy to get their input and thoughts because it was harder to communicate with them."

"Lithuania has many different christmas and Christmas Eve traditions."

"Dreamweaver was very frustrating at first but as I became more comfortable with the program Kaitlyn and I were able to enjoy creating the site."

"I learned that Lithuania has a variety of interesting Christmas Eve foods. I would like to try some of their recipes."

"Kyla and I had some struggles with the header images but after they were improved we enjoyed creating our site very much."

"It is a challenge to work with people who you can't speak face to face with, but we still managed to create an amazing website, and I'm glad to have been a part of it. It is great that we have first hand sources to plenty of different festivals all around the world that are all very interesting."

"I was amazed on how many strange and cool festival's there are. Lithunia is a very cool place."

" I have found that working with several different countries is a worthwhile experience and working on a website about our different cultures makes me realize how different we are."

"I found that working with international partners is a great experience not only because I get to know a bit more about their culture, but also because our joint ideas gave the website more variety. Working with different cultures helped put more ideas into the site, therefore improving the outcome."


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This was a collaborative project involving over 70 high school students from the United States, Lithuania, and Canada. Each school brought its own strengths and perspectives to this great project, and left it with a greater appreciation for each others' cultures and abilities.