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Math Anxiety

A teacher once told me that language skills can be acquired whereas mathematics requires talent which is somewhat inborn. This set me thinking. What is the difference between skill and talent? After a couple of years   I bumped into the truth when I found myself doing hours of work for Global projects spontaneously / voluntarily on the computer, for a musical contest or with my camera. These things were in me and so required less mental effort whereas the rest required extra effort.
I found that  out when I had make a Power Point/ Flash player slide show of a mathematical project it was more fun filled and stress free than when I had to just learnt it, apply it disjointedly without knowing the purpose or context for which I am learning it. I have posted one of my projects below which was made to Celebrate Pi Day which falls on March14. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

Slide1.JPG  Slide2.JPGPI.jpg   Slide4.JPG
Slide5.JPG     Slide6.JPG
Slide7.JPG  Slide8.JPG
Slide9.JPG     Slide11.JPG
Slide14.JPG    Slide15.JPG
Let me clarify here that I was/am not weak in math. But I developed a new liking for the subject and was able to overcome the anxiety associated with it. I have seen several websites on math anxiety.  I felt my own site would be the apt place to share my experience with the educators and educated of the world.

Here is a YouTube Link to another project which was uploaded by my own classmates in St Mark’s by our teacher Mrs Srinivas.

Last but not the least on a lighter note as my Math teacher says” Not knowing Math is not a crime. Do not hide it from your teacher. She is there to help you. Seek and you will get”. Knowledge has to be sought. Even after that if you are not good at it, IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD as long as you know how to count money and get the right change back or you know your weights and measure which are more related to day to day life.













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