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Christmas is celebrated all over the world and also in INDIA.  But the way of celebration is totally different in many places. Like that it is also somewhat different in Madurai. In Madurai people celebrate X-MAS in a very different manner. All the people of different religion enjoy X-MAS season. The gala celebration starts from the first day of the month of December.


We sent Christmas greetings to our friends and relatives.

3 MAGI.jpg

Our houses are decorated with X-MAS tree, Manger scene. We buy new stars, balloons, bells and serial sets.



  The carol rounds are organised from all the churches, Christian schools, colleges and Institutions. New X-MAS songs were practised. We went around the city in the night to meet many people and greeted them through songs.


During the carol X-MAS FATHER [SANTA CLAUS] met all the people and public with gifts and chocolates.

X-MAS dramas and skits were planned in many places in the city and churches. The winners who performed well were awarded with many gifts.


New dresses were bought for X-MAS. All the shops, even the local shops were crowded with many people and children. The people were crazy to buy new dresses for Christmas. Many new designs and patterns and models of dresses were in the shop.


We got up early in the morning to go to the church. The special service was conducted at 4.30AM. We wore our new dresses and wore many new ornaments. After the end of the service in church, we got blessings from our elders. We went to our neighbouring houses and gave away sweets and chocolates and cakes. We gave gifts to the poor and the needy. Delicious food was prepared in our house. We played games. We ate well. We invited friends from other religions and also enjoyed with them. The day ended with the expectations to invite New Year which was within a week.















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