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Wars and Conflicts

Afghan Civil War
How it started: It began when the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) gained power in a military coup on April 27, 1978; known as the Saur Revolution.

Opposing Sides: NATO, Taliban, Soviet Union (in the earlier parts)

Important People and what Happened to them:
Mohammad Daoud Khan-- With the help of the PDPA, he overthrew his cousin and established Daoud’s Republic of Afghanistan. He was overthrown when the PDPA took back control of Afghanistan.
Ahmad Shah Massoud--The Islamic State’s Minister of Defence. He was the leader of the United Islamic Front.

Political Sides: United States Government, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Taliban Insurgency.

Fatality Count: 600,000-2,000,000 total deaths; 8,900+ in 2011 alone.


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