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Top 10 most Successful People

Theses are the top 10 most successful people of 2011.


Carlos Slim Helu
When the economy crashed in 1982, Carlos Slim Helu became a billionaire. He became a billionaire when he purchased cheap investments. These investments became very successful in the future. He restored and saved buildings when he founded the Foundation for the Historic Centre of Mexico City in 2000.

Bill Gates started Microsoft when he was studying at Harvard University. He dropped out of Harvard to manage his new company. Microsoft has become one of the worlds biggest computer distributors.

Warren Buffet is widely regarded as one of the biggest investors in the world. He is currently the primary shareholder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is generally introduced as “legendary investor, Warren Buffett”.

Bernard Arnault  is a French business magnate who is best known as the chairman and chief executive of luxury group LVMH. According to Forbes magazine, Arnault is the world's 4th and Europe's richest person, with a 2011 net worth of US$41 billion. He has also been named by Forbes as "the fashion person of 2011’.

Larry Ellison-is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation, one of the world's leading enterprise software companies. As of 2011, he is the third wealthiest American citizen, with an estimated worth of $33 billion

Lakshmi Mittal-is an Indian steel magnate. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Arcelor Mittal, the world’s largest steelmaking company. Mittal is the richest man in India, Asia and the United Kingdom, and second in Europe  and is presently the sixth richest individual in the world with a personal wealth of US$19.2 billion. He is the 44th "most powerful person" of the 68 individuals named in Forbes's Most Powerful People list

Amancio Ortega-  is a Spanish fashion entrepreneur. He is the founder, along with his then-wife Rosalía Mera, and chairman of the Inditex Group. He is ranked by Forbes as Spain's richest man; Europe's second richest man; and the seventh richest man in the world in 2011. 

 Eike Batista- is a Brazilian tycoon and owner of Brazilian conglomerate EBX Group. And president of the EBX Group.The Company includes five companies that trade on the BOVE SPA´s Novo Mercado, a special segment of the São Paulo stock market where enterprises with the highest standards of corporate governance are listed.

Mukesh Ambani-is an Indian business magnate. He is the chairman and managing director of Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries the largest private sector enterprise in India listed in Fortune Global 500. RIL is India's most valuable company by market value and second-largest Indian company by turnover. His personal stake in Reliance Industries is 48%

Christy Walton is the wife of John Walton, who is the heir to Wal-Mart. She inherited his fortune after John Walton died in a plane crash.














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