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Theatre clubs, Drama societies, Play competitions, Workshops are salient features in Schools. In 2011    St Mark’s School Meera Bagh churned our 40 plays while conducting Play Competitions for various classes. Yatrik,  PACT , Atelier’s and Aastha  are some of the well known theatre groups functioning in the capital and reaching out to schools to motivate the students and the educators to use theatre as mode of teaching. The two aspects of education addressed via theatre are, Literature (Plays and Play wrights) and Social issues.
comedy-and-tragedy-masks-vector--thumb6632197.jpgPAC T stands for Platform for Action in Creative Theatre:
 PACT is currently involved in Theatrics, Arts and Cultural Management and also work as facilitating platform. It also conducts Training Programs using theater as a tool.
With unique outreach programs designed for children and adults alike,PACT reaches out to more than 15000 participants every year identifying and developing their special skills
 Vision: “To become the most recognizable brand in theater world, by involving itself in every process of theater including education and training”.
Mission: “To forge and merge the creative talents amongst the pupil, to develop them holistically in artistic environs and to create a platform whereby an imaginative and inspired experience can take place”.
Atelier the communication work shop:
This group believes in
“Knowledge is accumulation of the past Learning is always in the present”
Atelier is the French word for "workshop", and in English is used principally for the workshop of an artist in the fine or decorative arts, where a principal master and a number of assistants, students and apprentices worked together producing pieces that went out in the master's name.

Website: http://www.atelierexpression

theate workshop.jpg
Theatre workshop for teachers in St Mark’s School Meera Bagh


Asmita:  Arvind is the leader of Asmita, Delhi's "most prolific theatre group", and is also an actor trainer, social activist, street theatre worker and story teller. He trained actors in his own style. He trained them as a complete theatre person. Arvind Gaur also collaborated with various Theatre artists and Groups specially in exploring a new language for Solo performances.

Picture 369.jpg
Arvind Gaur of AASMITA  at St Mark’s Meera Bagh Auditorium-April2011

Picture 348.jpg
          ASMITA staged “UNSUNI’ at SMSMB in April2011
BJAI :  Barry John is a British born, Indian theatre director and teacher. He was the Founder-Director of 'Theatre Action Group' (TAG), one of the early theatre group based in Delhi. In 1973, he founded the Theatre Action Group. He launched Imago Media Company, along with Sanjay Sujitabh, and also started Imago Acting School in Delhi, both of which moved to Mumbai in March 2007. The school also got him recognition, as some of the alumni went on become Bollywood actors. He is based in India since 1969. After shifting base to Mumbai he opened'The Barry John Acting Studio'.













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