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Top 10 Records Broken in 2011

1. Most yards thrown in a single season
Drew Brees broke the record for most yards thrown in a single season.  Before him, Dan Marino had the record with 5084 yards. In the 2011 season, Drew Brees passed for 5476 yards, breaking Marino’s record by just under 400 yards.

2. Only person to pass for more than 5000 yards twice
Drew Brees broke another record in the 2011 season. He passed for more than 5000 yards twice. The first time was in 2008 season, which he passed for 5069 yards, then in the 2011 season for 5476 yards.

3. Most grand slams in one game
When the New York Yankees played the Oakland A’s, they beat them 22-9. This is due to the record breaking three grand slams (when the bases are loaded, then the batter hits a home run). No team has ever hit three grand slams (for a total of 12 home runs) in a major league baseball game, in major league baseball history.

4. Highest scoring game in bowl game history (that didn’t go into overtime)
In the Alamo Bowl, Baylor played Washington. This game was the highest scoring bowl game ever. The final score 67-56, with Baylor winning. At halftime, the score was 35-24, with Washington winning.
Baylor was led by Robert Griffin III, their quarterback and Heisman trophy winner. The next highest scoring game was the 2001 GMAC
Bowl with Marshall and East Carolina playing. Their combined score at the end of regulation time was 102. The Baylor/Washington game leads by only 21 points (three touchdowns).

5. Longest tiebreaker in women’s tennis
Samantha Stosur and Maria Kirilenko currently hold the record for the longest tiebreaker in women’s singles. Kirilenko won the set and tiebreaker in one hour and twenty-four minutes. The score at the end of the set was 7-6 and the tiebreaker score was 17-15.

6. Most passing yard thrown against an NFL team
In the 2011 season, the Packers had the most passing yards thrown against them. 4796 yards were thrown against them. This just barely beat the Patriot’s record also this season with 4703.

7. Most catches by two tight ends on the same team
This NFL season, Rob Gronkowshi and Aaron Hernandez, of the New
England Patriots, had the most receptions by a pair of tight ends on the same team in NFL history. In a combined total they had 169 catches with Gronkowski at 90 and Hernandez at 76.

8. Best defense in NFL for the most years
This 2011 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have had an amazing defense.  They have only allowed 271.8 yards and 14.2 points per game on average this season. These totals are both league records. Also, for the past three seasons, the Pittsburgh defense has been the best in the NFL.

9.  Longest time riding a wave
Gary Saavedra of Panama currently holds the title for the longest time riding a wave. He rode a wave in the Panama Canal for three hours and 55 minutes. He shattered the previous record of one hour and six minutes!

10.  Highest pole vault
At the 2011 Western Summer Canada Games, Paige Rideout set the highest pole vault record. She jumped 3.9 meters. Pole-vaulting is where you use a pole to help you jump over a bar.


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