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Tambura, tanpura or tamboura is a long necked string instrument. The body design of a tanpura is similar to that of a ‘sitar’, but the strings of tanapura are played open .There are four or five strings plucked one after the other in order to create a harmonic resonance of the basic note. Tanpura may be used to accompany classical singers while singing.
Tanpaura comes in two sizes and pitches: large for males and small for females. A smaller version is also used to accompany Sarod or Sitar known as Tamburi or Tanpuri.
The word Tanapura is derived from two words, ‘tana’, referring to a musical phrase and ‘pura’, which means ‘complete’.
Tanpura is unique in its own way.
It does not partake in the melodic part of music, but provides a colorful and dynamic harmonic resonance field based on one precise note.
It is designed in three different styles : Miraj, Tanjore and Tamburi style.



Tabla is a percussion instrument. It is an accompanying instrument in Hindustani Classical Music  and devotional music.performances. There are two parts to this instrument, namely ‘Dayan’ and ‘Bayan’ which can be translated as Right and Left respectively. The instrument consists of a pair of hand drums of contrasting sizes and timbres. It is derived from an Arabic word tabl, which means ‘drum’.  Ustad Allah Rakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain are eminent Tabla players who popularized the instrument. Tabla plays a vital role in fusion orchestra along with drums Bongo and other percussion instruments.

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