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Hubble Is 21

600px-Hubble_ultra_deep_field_high_rez_edit1.jpgBillions of Planets
The scientists at NASA research institute reported that they are at least 100 billion other planets in our Milky Way galaxy. They came to this conclusion because the Hubble Telescope took a picture of the galaxy and the scientists at NASA said that there is at least 1 planet for every star. So this means that there are 100 billion planets in our Solar System. And this means that there are 1,500 planets within 50 light years away from Earth. 

Hubble Telescope.jpegThe Hubble Space Telescope was named after Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) who discovered the expansion of the universe and formulated what is now known as Hubble's Law. Hubble reached a major milestone, its 21st anniversary in orbit, on April 24, 2011.The Hubble Ultra Deep Field, is an image of a small region of space in the constellation Fornax, composited from Hubble Space Telescope data accumulated over a period. Hubble imagery has both delighted and amazed people around the world and has rewritten astronomy textbooks with its discoveries.


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