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DEV ANAND – An Evergreen Hero -1923–2011


Dev_Anand_still1.jpgDharam Dev Pishorimal Anand, better known as Dev Anand, was an Indian film actor, writer, director and producer. He was a positive man who conquered the hearts of many. Dev Anand, after giving so much to the Indian cinema said in an interview - "I think I am still growing and learning. I have not achieved anything and I am not boasting because I feel there is so much to be done. I don't delve into past. What is done is done. You have to move ahead in life." Many times we become frightened of people, situation or the end result and stop doing things which our heart wants us to do. Dev Anand has done what he has thought of and what he has believed to be true without being afraid of the end result or people’s opinion/reaction.  He was not fascinated by the results, but he has definitely enjoyed the journey to achieve the results by constantly growing and learning. Everybody has dreams but few have the courage to fulfill them. Dev Anand is one of those who has written his destiny on his own and said that he is still growing and learning. His talent, personality, dedication towards his work and his positivity were unquestionably remarkable. He received innumerable awards in his life time. Unfortunately, the Indian film industry lost this gem on 4 December 2011.


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