MADURAI – Our city is otherwise called as 'Temple City', as it is a city which has a large number of temples. This city is busy throughout, both day and night. That is why it is rightly called as the city that never sleeps.

As the temples are more, the number of festivals celebrated here is also more. The very famous festival which is celebrated here is the CHITRA FESTIVAL. This is celebrated for a week's time. This festival marks the wedding of Goddess Meenakshi (The Goddess of Madurai) and Lord Siva. The highlight of this festival is the entry of Lord Kallalagar, who is the brother of Goddess Meenakshi, into the city. The puranas say that Kallalagar started for his sister's wedding from Alagar koil. On his way he visited many places and he couldn't reach Madurai on the day of wedding. When he stepped in the river Vaigai to cross it, he blessed a saint who was cursed to become a frog. The saint got back his original form and attained Mukthi. Then he came to know that the wedding of his sister got over before his arrival Out of anger,he didn't come to the city and he returned back.

The day in which Kallalagar steps into the river vaigai is celebrated with great pomp. The statue of Kallalagar is mounted on a gold plated horse and it goes around the northern part of the city. Huge crowd of people from all parts of India come to Madurai to get the blessings of Lord Kallalagar. It is usually celebrated on the full moon day of the Tamil month Chithirai. The city is fully lit with lights and there is dance and fun everywhere.

The smile in the statue shows that people who get the blessing of Kallalagar will forget all their worries and sorrows and will smile always in their life.