Foolish donkey

Once upon a time there was a forest called Amazon, it is divided into two parts, the one of the part is pajama, ninja. The pajama parts of the animals are herbivore and the other side of the animals is carnivore. To the separation to the forest the river was flown. In the pajama there is one foolish donkey, in the ninja –tricky

One day the tiger is drinking water in right of the river and the donkey also drinking the water in the left. The tiger is very hungry. Suddenly the noise came from the left side of the river; yes it is the sound of the donkey .The was yarned. The tiger heard the noise and see the donkey and made a plan to eat the donkey. The tiger stared his plan by "hai". The foolish donkey also tell "hai too". The tiger stared to speak that "my friend raj is going to eat your family I want to save your family please help me

The donkey was shocked and tells "what? Your friend is going to eat my family?" I will explain later first help me said the tiger .Ok, ok I will help you.

The donkeys help the tiger sudden the tiger came to pajama. And kill the donkey and week animals.

Moral Do not believe the enemy words at any situation