Once upon a time on Sunday salim is at his uncle’s house. He sees a carpet on the floor it is a bright, red carpet. “what a beautiful carpet!” he says. He sits on the carpet.
Suddenly, the carpet jumps! It moves and flies off into the air. “What’s happening?”
Salim cries out in a fear. A voice comes from the capet. “I am a magic carpet”, it says.

The carpet carries salim high up in the sky. First they land in thick forest. The are many trees animal in the forest “ No, no let us go away from here”, salim says.
The carpet now takes salim to a desert. There are some camels in the desert it is too hot
And dry here. Let us go away from here”, says salim.

Then they fly over the mountains it is floggy there. There is a lot of ice and snow,
“it is cold here”. “Let us go away from here”, says salim.
Then the fly over the sea. There is thunder and lightning. It is raining. I am geting wet.
“Let us go away from here”, says salim.

In this way the carpet gone to other place salim also tells the same like thing. Now salim
Get hungry. And also carpet said “This is enough for me”.Now we will go to the home said
Salim. “No we have to go only one place please” said carpet. Salim told “No my will search me for long time, we have to go and also “uncle will search for you”.

Then they came back to home. And the carpet asked how was he day?
“It was a wonderful day, never I had seen there befire”.
Salim said good bye and went.