The Clever Monkey And Two Crocodiles

Once upon time there was one island. One monkey was living there. It was a clever monkey. It was living on a banyan tree. Everyday, it crosses the lake to go to the forest and get his breakfast. Two crocodiles were living in that lake. The two crocodiles were planning to eat the monkey. Let see what is going to happen.

Scene I
Crocodile I: I want to eat the monkey and taste it’s flesh.
Crocodile II: Yes, I too. Do you have any idea to catch the monkey.
Crocodile I: Yes, I have an idea.
Crocodile II: What is that?
Crocodile I: The monkey will jump on the rocks and cross the lake. We will act like a rock. The monkey will us as a rock and it will jump on us. At that time we will catch it.
Crocodile II: Yeah! It’s a good idea.

Scene II
Monkey: What is this? Today something is different. The rocks are looking big.
(The monkey got an idea. It took the knife and went near the lake.)
Monkey: Hello! Rock, How are you today?
( Crocodile thought that the monkey talks with the rock every day, if we don’t talk it will identify us and escape.)
Crocodile I: Hello! My friend. We are fine.
( Monkey concluded that the crocodiles are there and suddenly it jumped on the crocodiles back and hit them with knife and killed them.)
Moral: Whatever comes we should not frightened.