Once there lived a family. Mother, father , boy and one baby. Baby’s name is Raju. His brother name is Ramesh. One day the baby began to faint. Immediately they took the child and went to hospital. They check and told that the baby has a problem in heart. They were shocked to hear that.

The family had a hope.The next day the parents prayed to God confidently. Father said that some surprise should be happen in the child’s life. Ramesh heard that and went to medical shop and asked the shop keeper to give a medicine that named surprise. The man laughed and told that the fairy only can give surprise. Ramesh asked himself who is fairy. He cried and prayed to fairy to save his little brother.

The next night the child was sleeping well. The whole street was silent. Ramesh heard some sound from the child’s room. He went inside and was surprised to see a beautiful angel near the baby. The baby was sleeping well. The fairy kept her magic stick on the baby’s body and spelt some magic words. The baby was cured. Ramesh called the parents and his family thanked the fairy.

The fairy blessed them and flew away. The hope of that family saved the baby’s life.

“Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible”