Bullying articles, cases,experience,and stories.

           Bullying is a very bad thing to do, no matter how old you are going to be (primary,high school,university). Bullying have to stop because it can hurt other people. It is very important to stop bullies because if bullies are not stop, it can effect our grades and most of all our confidents. Bullies bully because they want to be like us (jelous). So we need to be strong and feel like they are nothing. So now in this website, we Santa Laurensia students would like to stop bullying all over the world. So bullies can't hurt people again.  So now we need to stop BULLIES and try to stay away from them.

          For example in our school not a lot of students don't like to bully but some do! and they don't realize it so yeah it sucks for us. For example our friend Katherine needs to bring noodle,chicken, oil,and others. Our other friend who was a drama queen cried and said why do I need to bring this. By the way she was only assigned to bring salt, onion leaf,eggs,and others and she said hers was very hard. But Katherine here need a favor and she always bring hard materials. Because she cried, katherine got in trouble. Now that's what we call bullying in Indonesia and in our school.You know why? because she is such a drama queen. That made all of us mad and pist off. But that is bully(even though she is not jelous she still made us be in trouble). Like  9-12-2011 she  need space for her lunchbox and  I use that space first and you know what, she use that space and ask me too bring my lunchbox off the hanger but it was my space so now you see  ,when you bully you don't have friends.  Because of that we need to stop bullies. It just make people want to die and that is a very bad sin.

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