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Bullying is becoming more and more promient in today's society. According to Stopbullying.gov, in a US study, 17% of kids in 6th to 10th grade reported being bullied, 19% were bullies, and 6% reported being both a bully and a victim. Unfortunetly this statistics are probably not 100% accurate because often students are afraid to admit to being bullied as they do not want to be labeled as a tattler.

It is clear to us that bullying is a large issue not only in the US, but across the globe. We have made this website in an effort to try to prevent bullying across the world. Bullying is a serious threat to society as it can happen at any age range. This website mainly focuses on bullying for adolescents and how to prevent it from occurring. By going through the entire website, you will know what a bully can do to harm someone and the effects of being bullied. The knowledge of this website can be used to your advantage and will help you prevent bullying.

Below are some statistics that we found important in bringing to light what a large issue bullying really is:


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