I like  forest . I love animals and tree. I  like these adventures because I am a little bit funny girl, and i like every exciting things. It was interesting to draw pictures on computer for these topics.



 I was very glad to work in this team, because  I could  draw pictures for the topics  and  I have found some new  friends.



I am very glad, because the Nice net is a very good program. I meet some new friends there  I got some  letters from  other  children.  and I could draw some beautiful pictures for the regions.



I think we met some new friends . I think  the Nice net very good programmer to meet other students and make friendship.



I like animals and seven seas. I think the Nice net programmer is very exciting.

I like the rafting region the best. .I met a  lot of friends.



I like the Nice net program, because this  is a very great programmer!And I think I could learn a  lot from the letters . We got some letters from different schools.


Ella B.

I liked making the website and coming up with ideas for it to improve.
It was fun working with classrooms from around the world and getting to know each other.
I liked the fact that we came up with everything on our own and we got to use our imagination to create cool animals and adventures.
I learned a lot.

Texts:  Horace Mann  School, Oak Park, USA Blue Mountain Middle School, New York, USA    Primary School, Balatonboglár, Hungary
Drawings: Szeréna T. Dominika N.