How did the children  get to the island?

 Horace Mann  School, Oak Park, USA

We were at school and it was language arts. We were just about to go to lunch when heavy metal doors came down and blocked all the exits. Then, we saw ninjas jump into our classroom from the ceiling. We were all very scared. The ninjas put us in boxes and we were put in a helicopter. We were shipped off to a harbor on the east coast of the United States. They put us on their ship and we set sail. One hour later, everyone in our class got seasick. The ninjas never gave us a bucket. We were starting to enter the Bermuda Triangle, when pirates took over the ninja ship. They took us to their ship. One pirate said, “Captain, what if those people in the boxes get seasick and blow chow?” The captain said, “then clean it up!” The pirate said back, “but I swabbed the deck on Wednesday!” The captain responded with “Oh, WHATEVER! Give them a bucket or you will walk the plank!” “Eeeek!” We were all listening in great interest, since there was nothing else to do. Suddenly, the big boat stopped moving. We had reached land. Our whole class was confused. When we got off the boat, we half expected some secret headquarters or home, sweet home. That isn’t what we saw. Instead, some shrubs, trees, dead grass, and dirt surrounded us. The pirates had left us stranded on the island. Some of us thought we were in the Bermuda Triangle, and others thought that idea was totally insane. A few hours later, we came to the conclusion that we were in the Bermuda Triangle. Now all we had to do was explore more…   
Primary School, Balatonboglár, Hungary
It was a sunny day. We decided to  go on a school trip. It was June, so we wanted to go sailing. We went to the beach and sat on a beautiful sailboat. We went out to the lake. It was really wonderful. Gentle wind was blowing . As we saw above the Badacsony mountain, we saw something dark in the sky. What was it? Maybe a strong storm is coming from west. What shall we do now? We had no time to reach the shore.
Suddenly a very strong wind arrived. Our boat started to move very hard. So, we can’t direct our boat. It started to float on the  water. We couldn’t do anything, just waiting what is happening. We went into the lake, further and further from the shore. Later we didn’t see any land. Just the water.
And finally , something appeared somewhere int he distance. What was it? We went closer and closer. Suddenly we arrived to a sandy beach. It was an island. As we saw around, we discovered, we weren’t alone. There were other kids, as well.
So our adventures in this island started.

Blue Mountain Middle School, New York, USA
The ship arrives at a strange island during the night. Mrs. Ruiz wakes up and goes ashore. There, to her astonishment were her students. All of them. She realizes there are more students now than when she arrived. The kids run up and yell, “look Mrs. Ruiz, we found these kids here. They are from Hungary. They all started to yell out their names. "I'm Virág, I'm Anett, I'm Vivien, I'm Friderika, I'm Szimonetta, I'm Petra.  There are no other adults or teachers around.  Mrs. Ruiz decided to take immediate action. All of a sudden, all of these other kids come running out of the woods. They were Abby, Ella, Brody, Sam, Sophia, Colleen,(hey that's our teachers name) Fiona, Mateo, Nico, JP, Tregg, Henry, Nate, Matthew, Ethan, Ben, Jenna, Tess, Jared, Alli, and Diamond
“Everybody grab a sharp stick and get into groups of six! Holler and try to find people! Go, go, go!”
All the children get into six groups. Then, they all set out to look for civilization.
Later, a terrible storm hit and all the children were forced to find shelter.  They flee to a large cave.  In the cave they find a note saying to get off the island they have to go through a cave, a gray mountain, a river, a coastal region and a ghost town.  The directions to getting through the cave are on the cave wall. They decide that each group will take a set of directions and go complete the adventure so they can get off the island. Each group will do one of the regions. Everyone wished each other good luck and all the groups split up.

Texts:  Horace Mann  School, Oak Park, USA Blue Mountain Middle School, New York, USA    Primary School, Balatonboglár, Hungary