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Blue Mountain Middle School, New York, USA

“Come on we’re going to get wet”, Mrs. Ruiz yells to all of us. It was a rainy day on the 26th day of June, in the year 2026, and the computer club from Blue Mountain Middle School had won a power point contest for $1,000,301.00.  After much discussion, the whole club decided it would fit all our desires if we took a cruise from New York to Puerto Rico.  Finally, getting on the ship after hours of waiting in the rain, Mrs. Ruiz asked the man in the white shirt and blue blazer with “I LOVE the BIG APPPLE” pins all over his blazer, how to get to room 318 on the upper deck.  The man walked us to the huge room that had a divider in the middle separated by big French doors. Mrs. Ruiz stood there in awe while getting trampled by the rest of the kids running in to get a better look.  “Tonight is free pizza night from 6:30 to 10:00. At 12:00  midnight, all the staff and passengers come to the upper deck wearing all white, and count down until we cross over the Bermuda Triangle.”  “Really?”  “Yup, it’s like celebrating New Years Eve in the midst of June.”  “Wow!”  “Can we do it Mrs. Ruiz, please,” “yea please,” “please” all the children begged.  “Okay, okay that does sound fun”. “What else do you do there besides wear all white and count down”  Mrs. Ruiz asked in suspicion. “Well, our pool is open until 2:30 am this night only, and there is storytelling about other ships that didn’t successfully make it over.”  “Sounds interesting” Mrs. Ruiz said, “We’ll be there.”  After the nice man set down the two bags, Mrs. Ruiz gave him a $20.00 tip, and said “thank you Sir.”  “Thank you ma’am, enjoy your stay.”  And he was off. She turned around, and with her hands on her hips she said, “kids. what do you want to do first?”  There were many suggestions yelled, “The indoor pool,” “too crowded because of the rain,” “the buffet, I am not hungry,” “bowling alley, I don’t know how to play,” “oh that sounds fun but…” Mrs. Ruiz started to say, but didn’t get to finish. “We’ll teach you.”  “Oh, alright.”  All the children took off their wet clothes and put on new dry clothes.  As they walked to the bowling alley, they were stunned by all the fun activities that they couldn’t do because of the rain.  “Hi” Mrs. Ruiz said “Um, how much to play three games?”  The man just sat there and pointed at the board behind him while staring blankly in our direction, smacking on his gum in his Hawaiian shirt and green clear visor.  “It’s fifteen for one, thirty for two and forty- five for three”.  “Perfect,” she said.  The man opened his hand for the money.  Then, as he was waiting for Mrs. Ruiz to place the money in his hand, he told us all the rules of the road.  “No flip flops, no opened toed sandals, no bathing suits, no wet towels, no babies and last, but not least, and no smoking. “You got that.”  “Yes” Mrs. Ruiz and the rest of the computer club said in a serious manner.  “Good! Then we won’t have any problems right?”  We all shook our heads. The boy next to me asked “so where’s our lane?”  “Lane sixteen.”  “Ok, thank you” and we all walked off in a fast manner.  All the kids pitched in to teach Mrs. Ruiz, but it wasn’t hard because after we had taught her how to hold the ball, she threw a strike.  The man in lane 15 stopped and stared at us as we jumped for joy.  “Wow” he said “you know if you threw a strike tonight at midnight, as we cross the Bermuda Triangle, they say that people who threw strikes at midnight, disappear and no one knows where they go.” At midnight, Mrs. Ruiz and her computer club were still bowling.  Game after game, the adrenalin from each spike, each spare, each roll made it worth the money, time, and while.  Not realizing it was midnight until Tyler passed out in a giant puddle of water that they hadn’t noticed before.  Even though Mrs. Ruiz was slightly frightened she just contributed the fall to tiredness, until moments later after trying to get him up off the ground, the water grabbed Tyler and swallowed him up. Mrs. Ruiz struggled to hold on for his dear life and screamed “TYLER!!!”,  in a terrified, worried voice.  “Someone call 911” as she looked around for any signs of Tyler, she turned around and yelled “PLEASE!”  Only then did everyone in the bowling alley scramble around looking through pockets and purses and coats for phones.   JP ran up to Mrs. Ruiz and said, “I’m going to go to the upper deck to look for a doctor, cop, anyone who can help.” “Okay, be safe and hurry back quickly, do you understand me.”  She told J.P. in a very serious voice.  After more than forty minutes Derek was told to go to the upper deck and find J.P.  No more than three minutes later he was back out of breath and an expression that clearly told us that he was scared out of his mind.  No words were added to the expression, just as soon as Mrs. Ruiz saw his helpless face she turned and ran upstairs.  All the kids followed her but weren’t able to catch up with her.  Mrs. Ruiz screamed even louder than before when she saw that JP was unconscious out in middle of the ocean. A man treading water next to J.P. yelled up to all the people on the upper deck “he fell overboard, I tried to get a hold of him but was too la-.”  A whirl pool came over them both, but strangely enough the man came up alive, but J.P. was nowhere in sight.  It didn’t end there though; Derek was suddenly surrounded by a white mist.  “Mrs. Ruiz, help, heeelp!!” “Why are all these mysterious faces around me?”  No one saw any of these faces he was talking about but the scene itself was never the less spooky.  It sounded like he was about to cry, but with all the people around him he tried very hard not to.  Everyone in computer club tried with all their might to pull him out but they couldn’t touch him.  It was like his body was just an image, a ghost.  After about two minutes of his ghostly image, he disappears, slowly but surely.  Getting a bit home-sick, Jonathan sat down on a lounge chair to take a breath but he didn’t feel any more at home than before.  When he sat down, the chair suddenly turned to hard rock and slowly, limb by limb and like a transformer he became stone cold!   Michael, then staring at Jonathan speechless, became cold to the touch, like an ice cube.  Soon enough, he turned into an ice cube and melted into nothing. Both Jennifer and Kyra stuck to each other like peanut butter and jelly.  Both were very frightened when they realized that they and Mrs. Ruiz were the only ones from computer club left.  They took each other all by the hand and cried.  As soon as the moon's beans reached them, both Jennifer and Kyra faded away as the moon passed.  Mrs. Ruiz sat down and cried, her class was gone, completely gone, beyond the Bermuda Triangle. Now Mrs. Ruiz is on a journey to find her students. To be continued!!!
We were walking in this island, but we didn't find anyone else there. Just the trees, the jungle and the sea with the sandy coast. As we were walking in the forest, we saw a light among the trees. Oh, finally, we get out! We thought. As we arrived to the end of the forest we saw some buildings. But something was very srange! The notices! Oh, these were terrible noises! We went closer and closer. We wanted to meet some people there.We arrived at an old hose. We entered, but there were noone. We shouted " Hello" but noone came out. Next we went into the house to meet the owner....As we opened the door, we saw a large , terrible spider. We ran out immidiatedly. We heard a terribly "miaw" sound again, ...Well,  it was a cat on the top of a house. What was it? It was a church. We saw some shapes flying in the air. They were small and black. The church was full of bats.
Later we visited the other houses. All the buildings were full of terrible shapes and sounds. So, we thought not to find anyone here...but we went on our walk with our friends

Primary School, Balatonboglár, Hungary
After a long time on the sea we have arrived. We saw something on the see. What is it? -asked my friend. " It must be an island!!!!!!!!!!!" Shouted someone else. And luckily, it was a beautiful island. So, we left our wreck, and got out to the land. It was fantastic feeling. We all enjoyed the coast. We got a branch and lied on the beach. There were crabs in the sand, but who cared it! But, suddenly, something appeared . It was a triangle among he waves. My God! It was a shark! So we all started to shout and asked all the others to leave the water. I think we all broke the world record in swimming.
All our friends swam out of the water, and...

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Text and drawings:Eric K.
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