Animals children saw in the island

The Drobra has 10 rows of teeth, flame and venom but is surprisingly friendly to humans. It mainly eats large birds.  The Drobra is very nice except when it is angry and then it will shoot flames to the sky as a warning. The Drobra lives in caves and mountains. The Drobra may look small but it is 10 feet long.
Walking Snake
by: Henry H.
A walking snake and it can swim. It can talk it also has a huge brain. It is green and blue. It is also gray and it walks on two legs.  It has two arms and little black dots all over it. There is about 150 walking snakes left in the world.   
Turtle Shark
by: Brody B.
Turtle sharks can be very amazing they are one of the fastest animals to ever live. It is very fierce and other animals are really scared of the turtle shark. It eats only fish. It will only eat humans if you mess with it. It has three layers of teeth and it has three fins. Turtle sharks also have bumpy skin and a shell on their back. 
Flamingo Parrot
By: Diamond H.
A Flamingo Parrot can fly and is pink and green. It has very long legs and does not like people. They eat bananas, watermelon and sometimes bugs. They are very fast fliers. They love to have a lot of fun and fly around with their friends.
By Patrik K.
It's a cat living in the ghost town.
It was the only one living animal there.
By Patrik K.
It's a snake .
It lives in the water and on the land, too.
It's green and yellow.
It's dangerous.
By Balázs H..
It's a birdanimal.
It has got color hair.
It lives in the forest.
It has got mustache.
By Bianka and Rebeka
It's a cheese worm.
It has got a box body, a long nose and a long tail.
It lives in the ghost town.
By Kitty K.
It's a dangerous rabbit.
It lives in the forest and on the mountains.
Sometimes it is nice, sometimes it's dangerous.
By Kolos R.
It's a robot rabbit.
It always speaks loudly.
It lives in the cave.
By Matyi.
It's a Rhinohorse.
It's a 3D animal.
By Petra
This is a ghost from the ghost town.
It has got 3 eyes
It hasn't got  any legs.
It can run fast.
It lives in the houses.
It eats sugar and chocolates.

By Balázs H.
This wild animal lives in the forest.
It has got two legs and two arms.
It is pink.
It wears a shirt made of leaves.

By Regina and Henrietta H.
It's a shtizeger.
It has got 2 legs, a big body, 1 long neck and 1 head.
It can jump high, run fast, eat and drink a lot, play and lie.

Text and pictures:  Horace Mann  School, Oak Park, USA    Primary School, Balatonboglár, Hungary