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Grandmother's days had been uncertain too. Her life had not been easy. She had been a war bride and had experienced much loss. There had been stories of both joy and sadness. Oh, the issues of the day would have been different. But these verses, outlined in red, showed that Grandmother had felt vulnerable, too.

She hadn't prayed since she was a little girl and the words came haltingly, unfamiliar. "Oh God, I need an anchor for my soul. Please sustain me, keep me in the midst of uncertainty, be my refuge and help me to know Your faithfulness in the way my Grandmother did. Anchor me Lord. I need You."

She turned out the light. A peace settled over her unsettled soul and she determined to learn more of the God of her Grandmother, more of this anchor for her soul. And she slept.

Dear Father, help us to be anchored in You today. May each woman facing feelings of vulnerability today be drawn to You. To the bereaved, we ask You to bring special comfort. On this day, we also ask you empower women of faith to speak words of hope to the people around them. AMEN.

Peace is the term which every human being is craving for.  World peace is an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations. World peace is an idea by which nations willingly cooperate, either voluntarily or by virtue of a system of governance to abolish war.. In June 2010, the Global Peace Index, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace, found that world peace had declined over the course of 2009 and 2010.

Now-a-days many people have started using non – violence and the number is increasing day – by – day. In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people around the world who have taken part in nonviolent political action.

The meaning for non-violence varies from person to person. For some, nonviolent action is a technique for dealing with conflict or bringing about social change; for others, nonviolence is  even a way of life.

Violence may appear to be a great technique for resolving problems or achieving desired ends as it has different strategies and weapons. Nonviolent techniques are difficult to visualise.
- Geetha
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