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Non-Violence Story

Hai everybody,.this is Jeyanthi and Abi from India. how are you? now let me tell you a story about peace. Once upon a time there was a precious sword. The sword belonged to a great King.The King spent all his time in his palace, enjoying his shows and parties. One day a great dispute broke out between the king and the King of a neighbouring country. It ended with both declaring war.

The  precious sword was greatly excited to take part in its first real battle. It wanted to show everyone how truly brave and special it was, and wanted to become renowned throughout the kingdom. On the way to the front line, the sword imagined itself the winner of many battles. However, when they arrived, the first battle had already taken place, and the sword got to see the results of war. What it saw had nothing in common with what the sword had imagined.  . Instead, the sword saw only broken weapons, and hordes of hungry and thirsty men. There was hardly any food left. Everything was covered in dirt and  nasty smell prevzailed over there. Many were half dead and scattered on the ground, bleeding from multiple wounds...

At this, the sword realised to live in peace and spend its time taking part in tournaments and competitions. So, that  night before  the big final battle, the sword tried to find a way to prevent it from taking place. After a while, the sword started to vibrate. First it gave out a low buzz, but this gradually got louder, until it became an annoying metallic noise. The swords and armour of the other soldiers asked the King's sword what it was doing. It told them  that it hate wars .The weapons  also felt the same and started vibrating, and the noise became deafening. It was so loud that it reached the enemy camp, and the weapons there, who were equally sick of the war, joined the protest.

The next morning,  none  were found in the battle field. since they spent the whole day catching up on sleep. During the evening they started to wake up, and decided to put off the battle for the next day.

However, the weapons, led by the King's sword, spent the night repeating their peace song, and again no soldier could rest. The battle had to be postponed yet again, and this carried on for the next seven days. On the evening of the seventh day, the Kings of the two armies met to see what they could do about the situation. Both were furious from their previous dispute, but after being together for a while they started to discuss their sleepless nights, the surprise on their soldier's faces, the confusion of day with night, and the amusing situations all this had created. It wasn't long before both were laughing, like friends, at these little stories.Then they realised their mistakes and became friends.They decided not to have war  and lead a peaceful life.
- Abirami

Non-Violence Story

Hai the following story is created by ANITA PRIYA and DIVYA.

Once there were two football teams red and blue. the person who was standing near the goal was a good player but unfortunately he missed the ball and the ball passed the goal so his team members scolded him for his work and they started to avoid him.They started to play separately and co-ordination was not in the team but it was in the opposite team. and so the oponent team won the match and they were happy.

Later they realised that if they had played together they would have won the match. From this we come to know that if we are together without any violence we can build our Nation and fratenity will be developed.
- Anitapriya & Divya
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