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Save Tiger

The tiger, one of the most magnificent animals in the world, is also one of the most endangered.It  belongs to the cat species. It is noted for its beauty, strength, and majesty., the tiger is master of all and subject to none -- except humans. Of the eight original subspecies of tigers,  hardly  five different kinds or subspecies of tiger alive in the world today. These tigers are called Siberian, South China, Indochinese, Bengal, and Sumatran. Their Latin name is Panthera tigris. Tigers are an endangered species; only about 5,000 to 7,400 tigers are left in the wild. 

White Tiger Information

White tigers are an Asian species, found from the frozen tundra of the Soviet Far East, south to the humid jungles of Malaya and Indonesia, and west to the hot, hardwood forests of India. There are only 5,000  -7,000  wild tigers   found . in theworld

Steps to Preserve Tigers

The project tiger scheme, launched in early periods showed some growth in the initial periods. However, the number of tigers has been reduced to 1400. Barely this may not be the correct number, the count of living tigers will be something around 800-900.Provide the Special Park and place for this tigers to live. Make them as tourist spot and make several other people to visit, by doing so, the revenue collected by this tourism is transferred as the fund for tigers.Poachers catch the tigers and sell in the black market just for money. These activities are very common among rural areas, and this is the major cause for the reduced population of tigers.Proper education has to be provided for children's as well as adults. The education on the conservation of the wildlife and nature has to be clearly taught.
– Anitha Priya
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