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Non- Violence is  a weapon available to all.
will not provoke the opponent and it will surely suppress the force in the opponent. 
Attracts the attention of public rather than a violent act.
Is the way to gain sympathy from the public.
Never produces any destructive result
Promotes truth
Is consistent with the teachings of all religions.
Promotes unity among man-kind
Promotes self-realisation.

The term 'Nonviolence' has the common principle that physical violence against other people should not be used.

Non – violence can be used for varied purposes.
Some people use non violence transform the society, Others us e non violence to defeat the opponent.
There are a few people who believe that non-violence is the way of their life.

The developments which are taking place in the world show that there is growing interest among the people in non-violence. People are becoming more aware of Gandhiji’s teachings and the message he has conveyed. They are  promoting the values and principles he stood for..
- Sarayu
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