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 About Our GVC 10-20 Team

Team Reflections

The subtopic, Internet, was thought of when Josh Gillespie was talking about gaming. He talked about how gamers play games against each other without being in the same room, and Josh Gillespie, Jibin Abraham, and Connor Kassner all thought, why don’t we do the internet? Jibin Abraham personally did the email and Nintendo Wii pages, and designed and linked the navigation bar at top. Jibin also linked the images to their respective web pages and created the animation that ends with a world in an eye and the words GVC1020 underneath it. Connor personally designed and created the Facebook, the Playstation3 page and created the Facebook animation. Josh created the Twitter page and the Xbox360 page, as well as the Twitter animation. Our favorite part was creating the animations. We really had fun with this project, and look forward to doing this again.

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When first beginning the project, we had no idea where to start or where to go. However, as things continued situations got a lot easier and we got confident in what we were doing. The layout we worked with was the basic type and we felt like the amount of information we used was perfect. We also enjoyed taking the needed pictures for our site. Overall, we felt as though this was a very good experience and we greatly benefitted from it. We learned how to work as a team and even though some times were tough, we carried on with a good attitude.

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Our group had a great time working on this project. It was a great learning and new experience for us all. To begin the hardest part was for us to choose a topic that we were all interested in and still fit under the topic of our class’s web site. Once we discovered the idea of codes we had a mind opening experience in researching our own personal sub-topics. We all thought that the best part of the project was creating our animations to make our web pages a little more lively and pleasing to the eye.  

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Although our experience with this project was frustrating at points because of the numerous technological processes necessary to succeed entirely, overall our group was incredibly proud of our end result. Flash animations were difficult to learn yet one of our favorite attributes to our various pages. We learned all about Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash, and the many, many steps new web pages require. In the end, we are all savvier on numerous aspects of technology and are incredibly grateful we had the experience of collaborating with another team and country and learning about their reflective attributes.

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In the beginning of this project we were able to pick our own groups to form a portion of the website. We chose the timeline part of communication in technology. Although at times it became a bit frustrating we supported each other and as well as pushed each other to do our best; not only on the writing and development of the individual pages, but also on the different animations that we created. We all had our separate roles in creating the timeline subtopic pages. Erika had the timeline home page, Maddy had the past page, Tatiana had the present page, and Margot had the future page. Because of our different skills we were able to bounce ideas off of each other to make stellar pages. Overall our experience in this project proved to be really fun and educational.

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Doing this project was a very good experience for Gabby and I. We came into this class not understanding computers that much, but being able to explore and learning how to create a website was immense. At times it was confusing, but with the help of each other and our class mates, we figured it out and felt accomplished when we finished. We chose many topics to begin with, but the final vote concluded us to create a website on communication. It was exciting to work with the students in Kenya and I wish that we could have talked to them a little more. But every time they gave us information, it felt good because we were working together!  At first we weren’t sure if this was a good topic, but we soon changed our mind once we realized how many important and different parts of communication there are around the world. Now that our website is done, we feel very good about it, and we’re lucky to have experienced it.    

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With the exception of a few technical errors, our group had a great time with this project. We enjoyed working together, and the enthusiasm of our partners in Kenya. We communicated primarily through Skype, and didn’t use very much. The Adobe Dreamweaver was straightforward and easy to learn, but the tutorials did tend to drag out a bit too long.

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During this project our group collaborated on the overall design of our subtopic page; including graphics, animations and the page layout. We worked well together as a group to exceed what was required of the site and used each other’s ideas during the process. At first we thought this was going to be a hard task but when we pulled together it flowed smoothly. This project has helped us use our creativity on a different level then we have in other classes as well as increase our organization skills in order for us to meet the required deadline. In all, this project has opened us up to a new experience that we all greatly enjoyed and feel as though we were incredibly successful because of the collaboration that we achieved while working on the site. 

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Littleton High School, Littleton, Colorado, USA


Nigerian Partners

Government Secondary School, Kubwa - Abuja; Nigeria


TAIWO – I am Taiwo; I am 14years old and I have one more year to finish senior secondary school. I want to be a neuro-surgeon and I love sports a lot. I also like computer games and puzzles during my free time. Communication to me is the greatest step to everything in life.
YINKA – My name is Yinka. I am a15year-old student in senior secondary school (2nd year). I like football, table tennis and basket ball. I love acting and photography and looks forward to studying chemical engineering in the college. To me without communication, there is no humanity.
VICTORIA – My name is Victoria. I am 15years old and in Senior Secondary 2.  I want to have a career as a cardio-surgeon and I like cooking, writing and watching home videos. Communication is the connecting piece in development.
JOSEPH – I am Joseph. I am 15years old and in Senior Secondary two. I love watching all types of sports, but I want to be an electrical engineer. Communication is the foundation to education.
JOHN – My name is John. I am 15years old and a science student and I am in my second year at the senior secondary school. I love football, computer games and reading. I also want to study aero-nautical engineering in the university. Communication unifies two nations.
MAYOWA – My name is Mayowa and I am 16years old. I am presently a science student in the senior secondary school and I look forward to joining the university next year for a course in petro-Chemical engineering. I like to browse, write and knit as a hobby. Without communication, the will be no family.
ODACHI – I am odachi. I am 16years old; and I am in my final year in the secondary school. I want to have a career as a dentist. I love cooking, directing and interior decorations. I love watching athletics. Communication brings science and art together.
LARA – I am Lara and 16years old; and in my final year at the senior secondary school. I am a science student and looks forward to studying Aeronautical Engineering in the college. I love playing with computer and hairdressing during my spare time. I also love playing board games. Communication bridges the gap between different types of people; (old and young, poor and rich, literate and illiterate etc)
PAULINE – My name is Pauline and I am a 16year old final year student of a science senior secondary school. I like playing volley ball and reading. I want to study Electrical engineering in the university when I graduate from the secondary school. Communication is to social existence, what the cell is to the body.

UMMY – My name is Umuhani and I am called Ummy by friends. I am 15years old and I am in my final year in the secondary school.  I am looking forward to studying Medicine when I graduate. I like cooking and fashion designing. I also like watching cultural dances. Without communication, two different religious groups can never live together.

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BOB-MANUEL – I am 16 years old and in Senior Secondary 3 and studying science in school. But I want to study Computer Engineering in the University. I love reading and playing football. And in my spare time, I like writing. Communication brings different schools across the world together in a project to achieve, exchange and interact in one goal. Student picture
Kisumu Girls High School in Kenya contributed content and ideas through their converstaions with the rest of our team in NiceNet. They have 1 computer connected to the internet in the entire school, just like our Nigerian partners, but still managed to share ideas and content through the internet!
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