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Understanding Communication

Welcome to the world of communication!  Communication is an essential part of our world today; without it we could not function or express ourselves in everyday life.  This website was developed to show the importance of communication in all its forms.  Here you can view different types of communication used all over the globe in interesting and exciting ways!  The concept of basic communication consists of the fact that we can indicate things to each other through speech, gestures, pictures, writing, symbols, and through sounds. 

Communication is a huge part of the world and how people have reacted to each other and passed information since the beginning of time.  If we didn’t have a system of communication with other nations, we’d either be in a state of constant warfare, or all the countries would ignore each other.  However, there are so many different cultures in the world that communicate differently, effective communication can be challenging.  Fortunately, as our team of students from the USA, Nigeria and Kenya experienced through many modes of communication and technology, the world has been connected and through patience and understanding, we can communicate effectively and accomplish great things!

This page is a gateway into this world of communication.  If you are looking for a new way, or maybe more efficient way to communicate, this is the site for you. 

Thank you to the Give Something Back Foundation and Global Virtual Classroom for making this experience possible!

You can find further detail in the site about:

  • Body Language – body language helps you better understand what people are really trying to say to you even if they don’t use words.
  • Coding  - very important in today’s world.  Many of the technologies we use today are based on different types of codes.  Codes can even be used to help people read!
  • Timeline - Understanding the history of communication is crucial to learning and growing for the future.
  • Technology - The expansion of technology throughout the ages has accelerated not only methods of communication, but has also created faster and easier ways to communicate.  If you need to send a message quickly, technology, such as cell phones, is the communication tool for you!
  • Internet - The internet is important because it allows us to communicate with people that are half way across the world and send them information. 
  • Translation - translating one language to another, we can communicate with all countries across the globe in a clear way. 
  • Visual – advertising is a great example of communication throughout the world through visual mediums.
  • Music - The way you express yourself to someone in the form of music is a great way to communicate to them how you feel, what you desire or what makes you happy.


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