Students do their part to help.

Gifted School plants a garden in Iraq.

St. Mark's cleans up in India.

John Muir School cleans a beach in USA.

GS students sent us a view of the countryside near Nineveh where war damage abounds.


US students march for peace on UNICEF International Day of Peace each September.

Saint Mark's School celebrates the Earth Day, the most widely celebrated international environmental event with great enthusiasm & creativity on 22nd April. Students make paper bags out of old newspapers, magazines and recycled-paper. A bag Mela is organized and bags are distributed amongst the common people.


The students are made environmentally conscious and to promote this a waste management drive was started, using Rolly-Poly which turns the biodegradable waste into manure without any insect or smell. The students are encouraged to feed Roly-Poly with peels and leftovers from their lunch packs. The manure thus harnessed will be gradually used to fuel the organic plantations in the school.