Aid Organizations

American Red Cross is an aid organization designed to assist countries who have suffered from natural disasters. This organization offers services such as; community services that help the needy, support for military members and their families, processing and distributing blood and blood products, educational programs to help support health and safety, and international relief programs.

The organization was founded by a woman named Clara Barton, she heard about the international Red Cross network when she was in Europe during the civil war. When she returned home, she had campaigned for an American Red Cross society, and it was approved in 1882. During World War 1, American Red Cross introduced its first support, water safety, and nursing programs. The public gave four hundred million to the organziation to help support the Red Cross programs.

After the war, the American Red Cross concentrated on veterans and also upgraded its programs in safety training, home care for the sick, and nutrition education. It also provided relief for the victims of natural disasters, such as the Mississippi River flood in 1927, severe drought, and the Depression in the 1930s. The American Red Cross is dependent on donations of money and time in order to do its work.

UNICEF is another aid organization but instead they focus on children and their rights. They help support children that have come acrossed poverty, discrimination, violence, and diseases in their lives. Unicef promotes education, ensuring that children have at least a minimal education because it benefits all children. Therefore, children can become better thinkers and better citizens. UNICEF tries to prevent AIDS/HIV among children so they are free from harm and so they can protect others. They also try to help children bulid up their immunity against common diseases and are well taken care of, because it is wrong when children are dying from a preventable disease. UNICEF also defends the rights of children, they ensure equality for those who are being discriminated specifically girls and women. UNICEF believes that proper care at a young age contructs a strong support for an individual's future. UNICEF is the United Nations Children's Fund.

American Refugee Committee is another aid organization that focuses on rebuilding people's lives. ARC operates with seven refugee communities around the world, assisting people to retain control of their lives. ARC provides shelter, education, clean water, health care, skills training, and whatever support they can provide to help people start their lives again.

Other examples of aid organizations are Catholic Relief Services, World Relief, World Vision etc. All have similar goals.