In the fall of 2004 a wildfire went out of control in San Diego County and burned a large partch of land. This fire was called the Cedar Fire. AFter months of investigation, it was found human-caused. It killed 1 people including a firefighter. On November 3 it was contained making it the largest fire ever recorded in California history, mainly becuase of the craziness of the Santa Ana winds that year. There were a total of 15 fires that month in Southern California. Dominique and Tanya.

President Bush declared San Diego a disaster area because of the Cedar Fire. The governor of CA, Arnold Schwarzenegger, activated national Guard to help in the disaster relief process. The Monday Night Football game was moed from Qualcomm Stadium to Tempe Arizona because Qualcomm was an evacuation site. Angelica and Jonathan



The best advice in California is to put down native seed mixes to restore plants. Non-native plants will not take over if this is done. It takes several decades to restore the ecosstems that were burned in the wildfires. Abram and Jacob


Seed mixes can be contaminate with invasive species. Before the seed bedding the seed has to be pure. The machine they use can mess up the soil. Melanie and Nadia


Investigations and reports broke out becuse of the cedar fire in SD. The firefighting was dangerous due to disorganization and chaos. Firefighers were not prepared when teh fire broke out even though the consequences were expected. There were a lot of communication difficulties. Angelica and Brisa

After the San Diego firestorms many houses, farms, lives, and families were lost. One farmer who had witnessed it said that after looking at the way his crops burned it couldn't be caused by a human. He said that it had to be caused by natural causes. Recovery for the farm and all the crops that burned would be a challenge. but one could overcome after the fire, and things mighg get back to normal. Jordan AH.

The large wildfires caused the fish habitat to rejuvenate, which also caused teh flooding. The fires also lead to silt removal and a favorable habitat. Not all wildfires hurt the fish habitat. Weirs and dams do pose a threat to fish populations. Priscilla and Marina C

A big part of San Diego not having aviation resources is a rule called no divert policy which lets the leaders of the fire station that is in the area of the fire choose which fire they want to help put out. At the time of the Cedar fire there were eleven fires, so there was less help at each fire than ther would be if there was only one fire. Taebien




In the fires, they had to use helicopter pilots who were trained to put ot fires by dropping water and hitting the flames below. They took off from Ramona Airport and after about seven hours the fires were still burning and due to FAA regulations, the copters were grounded. Anthony and Jesse







One family, the Lammers, moved in with their daughter for a month before going back to their trailer. The plant life around them has bloomed again, and the vegetation recovered form the fire. Although many plants are growing, it will be two or three years before the plum trees and Pakistan mulberry bushes bear fruit again. Erika and Ame


Recovery after Disaster
Raven S. and Vanessa T.
Photo by Kim A

In October 2007, 16 active fires swept through San Diego, California. 900,000 people were activated 4 days after the fires started. 500,000 acres burned and 1,500 homes were destroyed. 6 people died in the fires while 70 others were injured. A week and a half later the fires were contained and put out. Unlike the Cedar Fire, California's resourses were used well and evacuations happened quickly.

Recovery after Fires in Chaparral

The large wildfires caused the fish's habitat to rejuvenate, which also caused the hydraulic changes that increased flooding. The fires also lead to silt removal and the deposition of a favorable habitat substrate. Not all wildfires hurt the fish's habitat, but this wildfire was intense. Therefore dispersals such as weirs and dams, will pose a threat to fish populations. We must watch what kind of chemicals we spill because we don't want to hurt any kind of specie.
By: Priscilla Danielle De Los Santos, && Marina Chavez