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Caryn- My students are eager to begin communicating with our exciting new partners!

Lusia-My students are learning to use technology to connect with the world and find meaning in their own lives here in San Diego.

Archana-I hope that all our team members will put in their best effort to achieve success for the forthcoming project.

Dr. Thannon- I hope to work together to achieve our success.

Jocelyn--My best subject is P.E because I like to play sports like volleyball or prisoner. My favorite kind of foods are roll tacos, tamales, enchiladas, and most of all carnesada fries. My favorite kind of music is hip-hop or like fast music. My favorite sport is volley ball.

Nadia--I am 100% Afghan, I love to go out and shop,dance, act sing,party, and travel! I can be good at sports. . . and sometimes I can be in the mood to read or not. And I love music, especially the one that goes HABIBI,HABIBI,HABIBI, and sorry forgot other words, if you never heard that song it's a good song just saying. My religion in Muslim, and my community which my family all love to party!

Rishi-Namaste !! I am a student of class X of St. Mark's School.I love to play Handball, Badmionton and basketball and all other outdoor games.Maths and Science are my favourite subjects and i have a lot of interest in computers too.I have a wide interest in exploring space and i am a member of space club in which I have done very interesting and knowledgable space programmes.

Kanika-I'm Kanika, I'm 14. I live in New Delhi, India. My classes include Effective English, Applied Maths, Classified Science, Advance Hindi, Beginner C and Social Sciences. Studying and Homework take most of my time but i take out ample time for Music, Pop and Metal are my fav, and Soccer.

Mustafa-- Hello frinds, "Marhaba" as we said in Iraq.I am a student of X std.Maths & sciences are my favourte subjects .I like to play soccer & read thriller.swimming is my hobby .

Anant--Our family follows all traditions and customs of hinduism.


After much discussion, we agreed on the topic of Recovery after Disaster. Written work on the topic began to appear on the blog and on nicenet!.


Thanks for the photo frame and best wishes from the students. We really appreciate this gesture and efforts by your team to develop a strong bonding in the teams. It was nice to hear that Iraq Team has also joined in. I hope they come up with some good content for the website.


More art and website design are appearing.


USA and Iraq have a Skype videoconference. Gabriel C. designs and puts up the website with a collection of all original student work from our team. It looks great!