(SIS) School Information System:
A Student Information System is an application to manage student data. Schools use an SIS to provide additional communication to parents, students, and teachers as a supplement or replacement to more traditional means used. Student information systems allow schools to enter student test and other assessment scores with an interactive grade book, create and display student schedules, track student attendance, and managing other student-related data such as monetary accounts for lunch and tuition.

Fast Direct:
    Purchased online portal available to schools
    Low priced
    Provides training and unlimited support
    Parents can get involved
    Available online
    Online grades
    Secure communications

(MSPDP) Middle School Public Debate Program:
Middle School Public Debate Program is the world's largest program for classrooms and contest in middle school. Designed to teach public speaking, critical thinking, listening, and debating students in middle school, the Middle School Public Debate Program works with teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community members to form suitable debating programs and classroom initiatives.

Keep in touch with your school:
Often parents ask their kids when they will be getting their report cards because they want to know how their child is doing in learning. Some schools have an online source where they can go see their kids grades; other schools do not.


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