Popular Trends

In the United States, many of our sports heroes, movie and television actors, and singers have a celebrity status. This means that the public is fascinated and often idolizes and embraces how a celebrity acts and dresses. Celebrities don't always behave in ways that are good to emulate, so people should be careful about the celebrities after which they model themselves.

Because these occupations are rewarded with a high-paying salary, celebrities are able to afford a life style that we wish we could live. The public likes to know about these lifestyles and many magazines and television shows are solely published about the lives celebrities lead. We need to choose our role models carefully because the more famous people become, the more that the public will try to be like them.

Rock Music

Rock & roll was originated from the blues genre, by musicians such as Fats Domingo and Elvis Presley in the 1950's. Only until the 1960's did it start to branch off into many other genres, starting with Surf rock and Garage rock, which was called the British Invasion. One of the most famous bands during the 1960's and 70's was the Beatles. Psychedelic rock started from the British Invasion and from there more generations came, the latest known as progressive rock. In the 1970s, a new sound, made of raw, energetic sounds became very popular, known as hard rock and then grunge rock.

Country Music

The beginning of the Country genre can be found in the recordings of Southern Appalachian fiddling players produced in the late 1910s. Not until the 1920s, though, did country music become a workable recorded genre and took state. The first commercial country sound that was recorded was Eck Robertson in 1922 upon the Victor Record Label. Vernon Dalhart was the first to have a country-wide hit 1924 with Wreck of the Old '97. In 1927, where most historians point to, Victor Records signed Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter family, where the true country music was born.

Gospel Music

Gospel was a genre inspired by the hard labor and freedom-wishing African American slaves and the protestant hymns of the christian church that started in the 1930s. Originally and traditionally, the songs were in the form of a call and response theme, led by the pastor or elder of the church between the choir/congregation and the leader. Many of the songs were written by the Father of Gospel. A.K.A. Thomas A. Dorsey. One of the earliest stirrings of female-infested musical groups had started with Gospel; in the church, women were free from the men's constant prejudice constraints and they welcomed the chance to become faithful Gospel singers.


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