Our school has many clubs like Inquisitive Club, Companion Club, Heritage Club, Eco Club and other ones in which students apart from bookish knowledge explore much more.


Today I attended an Eco Club meeting. The members of this club do their bit to save our Mother Earth and the environment. This club has become an integral part of our school and it is appreciated for its initiatives. Around 60 students are its members from classes 6th, 7th and 8th.This club is headed by our teachers Ms Saranpreet Kaur and Manisha Pathak.
Members of this club do a lot of creative work to promote awareness about our environment. They make paper bags, pencil stands out of waste and their work is even displayed at international exhibitions. Students take out rallies in various colonies and markets to make the people aware and also distribute saplings on Earth Day.


Today students learnt how to make organic colors from flowers, petals, fruits, etc for the upcoming HOLI festival ( Festival of colours on March 19). For example red color can be extracted from dried rose petals. From turmeric and gram flour, yellow color can be obtained A blue hibiscus flower can be used for obtaining blue color. From black grapes, wet color can be obtained. Students really enjoyed being a part of this club and were very happy that they learn new things each and every time and also become responsible human beings.


Let us be Eco Friendly now and always. Stay connected with Nature!

Text by Sarojini and Nikita
Photos by Kashish and Priyanka
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