Once, a young man went in search of a Guru (teacher in Sanskrit) to learn The Bhagawad Gita –A Holy Scripture because he was told that it could make him a better person. He felt it might improve his thoughts, character and deeds.


Soon he found a Guru who was willing to teach him the Holy Bhagawad Gita which literally means ‘DIVINE MUSIC’. The Guru and Sishya (Disciple in Sanskrit) spent several days together till the latter had good knowledge of all the Slokas( Verses in Sanskrit) and even knew many of them by heart. Yet the disciple felt that he could not find any noticeable change in him. He felt disappointed. So, he went back to the guru and said “Guru Ji I spent so many days studying The Holy Scripture only to find that I am as I was. Did I waste my time?”


Guru Ji Smiled and gave him a colander and a bucket and asked him to fetch water from the river and fill the bucket. The disciple, who had great faith in his teacher, knew that there has to be a purpose behind this task. So he obediently did what he was told. After several attempts, when, he could not fill the bucket, he went to his Guru again and asked “Guru Ji ! I tried so hard so many times and still I could fetch only a few trickle of water. LOOK AT THE BUCKET! Guru Ji smiled and said “LOOK AT THE COLANDER! My dear boy! Isn’t the colander cleaner?”

Yes, the student then noticed that the colander with which he fetched water was gleaming. All along he was looking at the bucket and did not notice that the colander was getting cleaned in the process of filling the bucket. He fell at his Guru’s feet.


Reading Scriptures is not just for accumulating knowledge but for cleansing the soul which happens automatically when you are totally involved in it. Teachings of great men also have the same effect on our thoughts and deeds.

Text by Sarojini M
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