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The United Nations was founded in 1945 after the World War II, to stop wars among different countries. Presently it's an international organization which aims at facilitating international law and security, economic development and achievement of world peace. There are about 192 country members of the organization. United Nation is a medium of connection among different countries. Countries come together and take decisions on different issues of the world. The assembly meets regularly and different members from different countries give their opinions on different issues. Decisions on all the important questions and issues are taken through a voting system. Each country member is given a single vote and a decision is passed only if it is accepted by at least two-third present members. This is how decision making is done in UN. So this collaboration among different countries helps them in staying connected and improving in their relations.



Text by: Pahulpreet

Created by: Klaudia Sikora

Picture by: Mani Makkar

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