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Intercultural Dialogue through Music

From 2008 to 2010 we took part in a Comenius music programme.
Our partnership schools were:

American Academy Larnaca, Cyprus

Ekzarh Antim I, Kazanlak Bulgaria

Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium, Sandhausen, Germany

Gimnazija Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia

IPSAR, Tortoli, Italy

Józef Piłsudski High School, Poniatowa, Poland

St. George's School Edgbaston, Birmingham, England

The Pavel Krizkovsky High School, Brno, Czech Republic

In this programme we had an opportunity to learn many songs in different languages. Teachers of foreign languages taught us the correct pronunciation of the words and music teachers taught us the proper interpretation of the melodies and developed our singing abilities.. The programme allowed us to meet many students and their families from different EU countries. We participated in the project concerts and sang our traditional folk and national songs too. We also had an opportunity to visit many interesting places in Europe. The time of the project passed very quickly. But we still have photographs of that remind us our meetings in particular countries, and friendships with EU students. Our heads are full of very lovely memories of the moments spent together with our project partners.

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eTwinning - European schools

eTwinning is to combine and develop co-operation of schools in Europe through electronic programs. It is an educational program of the European Union, which promotes the use of ICT in European schools. Teachers and students use the Internet in a joint cooperation. They cooperate, exchange information and share learning materials. eTwinning broadens the scope of educational opportunities offered to pupils and teachers, motivation to learn and open to Europe.

This school year we - together with other students and teachers from several European countries - have been part of the eTwinning project "Music Connecting People".

[prayer by St Gregorys Catholic College, Bath, UK]
prayer by
St. Gregory's Catholic College, Bath, UK - our partners in the new Comenius project we started in 2010


In this project we share our school lives and national traditions with students from around the world.
The Coordinator is Ms. Janet Barnstable - retired Communication Resource teacher of Percy Julian Middle School, Oak Park, Illinois, USA

The partners in the project are:
Inami Junior High School, Japan | Percy Julian Middle School, USA | Lyceum NSTU, Russia  | Ein Ganim School, Israel | Gimnazjum #4, Poland | Ivan Goran Kovacic School, Croatia | St. Mark's Senior Secondary School, New Delhi, India

Your school can join the project too!




The organizer of the project is Mr. Mike Fitzgerald, educator of MICDS: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Some of the schools participating in the project:

Junior High School No. 4, Gdynia, Poland

Einhardschule, Seligenstadt, Germany,

 Ryazan, Russia

Claret School of Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines

Vonsild Sogneskole, Kolding, Denmark

Chosen Themes of the Project :

WWII, What A View!, Natural Disasters, Cool Videos,What Do We Play, School Events, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Autumn

Our pals of MICDS, St. Louis, USA



 Created by : Oliwia and Monika 

Source :

www.gimnazjum4.gom.pl, http://etwinning.pl , http://www.op97.org/cyberteen , http://se4gdy.w.interia.pl

Images :

  http://comenius.org.pl/ - free download, http://se4gdy.w.interia.pl/

Photos of MICDS by Mr. Mike Fitzgerald with his permission
JH4 photos by Ms. A.Blalteberg

The prayer - used with permission of Mr. Andrew Jackson, teacher of St. Gregory's Catholic College, Bath

Our team:

Gimnazjum #4, Gdynia, Poland
St. Mark's Senior Second. School,
Meera Bagh, New Delhi, India

St. Paul Lutheran School, Farmington, USA

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