European Bison - Currently, the population of the bison in the world has about 3,400 individuals, of which 650 live in Poland
Bison food, herbs, grasses, plants leaves, buds and bark of trees (especially birch), bison would also eat acorns and chestnuts. According to the research carried out in the Bialowieza National Park, about 80% of its food are herbaceous plants (in Poland bisons are fed with hay in winter). An adult bison eats from 40 to 60 kg of food per day. Feeding takes him 50-80% of the time from sunrise to sunset.
Lowland bison - before World War I lived in the wild only in the Forest. As a result of war and poaching to 1920 no individual of this population has survived .
However, there have been efforts made in order to recreate the population of the European bison kept in captivity.


Marmot- in Poland  it lives high in the Tatras, the number of individuals does not exceed one thousand. Marmot lives in places difficult to reach. It avoids people and hiking trails. In winter, the whole herd of marmots tend to hide deep in the burrows. Every year from September to April the marmot takes a long winter sleep .

Pond turtle The only  species of the turtle which lives in the wild  in Poland.  It has lived in the for more than 100 years. This protected species very rare. Turtle was listed as one of the  protected species in 193 . For pond turtle has survived in Poland because these reptiles have been artificially hatched  and later  when they grow, they are released to their natural environment.

Grey seal - belongs to the species of  predatory marine mammals. When on the land the seals are clumsy and heavy. In water they are great swimmers. They are fast and agile. They sleep lying at the surface of  water or under water, or lying on land. They very much  like to sunbathe. In Poland there is the Seal Centre in the town called Hel.

created by Karolina and Ola

source: wikipedia.org

http://pl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Plik:Emys_orbicularis_2009_G1.jpg&filetimestamp=20100102202822{{PD by George Chernilevsky}}
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