1.Don't give your personal data - use your nickname!

2.Make your computer safe. Use anti-virus and firewall.

3. Don't trust people who you meet on the Internet.

4.Don't add as friends people who you don't know!

5.Don't open spam messages and attachments from strangers!

6.Beware of phishing - Do not use your password or credit card number using unknown shopping sites!

7.Change your password every month!

8. Do not share your password with anybody!

9.Make your password safe - use different symbols and letters.

10.Tell your parents or another adult when something on the Internet worries you or when something strange happens.

11.Set your social network profiles as 'private'.

12.Be careful with posting information about yourself - if you post something it is not private anymore!

" It's more than a game, it's your life!"



Page by: Szymon Knioch and Grzegorz Borkowski
Citation: http://www.saferinternet.org/web/guest/safer-internet-day


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