Most social organisations are cooperative and proffessional organisations. They have been created to help people in different ways and make them secure and safe.

WOPR - Water Voluntary Emergency Service.

Water rescuers -  work at swimming pools, on beaches, and in other supervised areas.

a potential WOPR rescuer has to  :

- be at least 16 years old

- complete first aid training and obtain a younger WOPR rescuer degree

- have a valid WOPR membership card and a special medical certificate

- work for one hundred hours as awater rescuer

- obtain a motorboat driving, diving, sailing or another certificate of competence  confirming skills that may be useful in the water rescuing service. 

 swim very well and have a special swimming card confirming his swimming skills 

- be able to dive to the  depth of 25 meters .

Fire brigade - people involved in fighting heavy fires and environmental hazards.

Special tasks performed by fire rescue brigades in case of

# biological emergency service ( neutralizing infectious agents and protecting people and livestock during a terrorist attack in case of using biological weapons)
# chemical emergency service (neutralization of chemical agents and protection of the population, livestock and the environment at the time of terrorist attacks in case of using chemical weapons, chemical disasters, and some road accidents)

# medical emergency treatment ( providing first aid are before the arrival of professional medical services or in areas where these services are not available

# inquiry actions (involving  locating and getting  people from collapsed buildings during construction disasters, earthquakes, etc.)

# radiological emergency service (to protect people, livestock and the environment against ionizing radiation)
# technical water service (to perform all necessary actions on the water, and beneath its surface in the area of all inland waterways and port  units)


Police - uniformed and armed formation designed to protect the safety of persons

and property, and to maintain public order and safety.

Its main task is keeping track of compliance with the law and prosecute offenders, as well as providing protection and assistance in crisis situations, both against people and property.

If necessary, the police  monitor the operational level of emergency services.




GOPR - Montainous Voluntary Emergency Service

- is a closed organization,  associates lifeguards of the Mountain Rescue Service,

To become one of those brave guys you have to pass an intensive training , qualification tests, and exams. They test not only the theoretical skills such as medical knowledge and topography but also your physical condition, your skiing skills, etc.

The Mountain Rescue Teams - run a 24-hour service each and every day of the year .

Their stations are usually placed in mountain shelters, larger stations, ski resorts and places visited by many tourists.

Emergency Service - one of the entities in the healthcare system.

An Ambulance crew provide medical services primarily through the  first aid treatment - as part of emergency medical services,  and transport sick people to hospitals.

In Poland  if you need to call  the nearest ambulance emergency station you should dial 999. The number works with both mobile and land phones systems.

There is an emergency telephone number in the European Union - 112. It works with both landlines and mobile phones. 112 is used to notify  health, life or propertyemergency.



There are aslo other  services such as:

- heating service emergency

- gas emergency service





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